Gangland Holiday: Happy Pinching Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Will you be drinking into drunkenness today?

Are you wearing green right now?

Will you be pinching those who aren’t wearing green?

Do you even participate in this non-holiday celebration?

Is Saint Patty’s day about honoring the immigrant in parades across the country?

Or is this day more of a mainstream religious reminder how dangerous it is to let foreigners step foot on our sacred land — land originally founded by Native Americans
— to only create sub-cultures in a group core and foment niche gangs that create economic stratification and propel black market futures?

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Alcoholism and Irish Blood

Today is St. Patrick’s Day in America and while the day is intended to celebrate Saint Patrick, it is really a day for celebrating the Irish and getting drunk.
There are all kinds of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

We have parades. We have pints of green beer selling for a nickel a glass. We wear green or live in fear of getting pinched.

Beyond the laughter, the bawdiness and the ubiquitous curse of The Green Beer — I wonder about a deeper cultural and ethnic issue bothering the whole idea of getting drunk in the name of a Saint in celebration of cultural icons.
If there another national holiday dedicated to one culture — where the overarching idea of the day is to get blasted and bleary-eyed?
Is there a reason people live to get drunk on St. Patty’s Day?

Do we honor the Irish by getting falling-down drunk?

Is there a genetic predisposition in the Irish population for alcoholism and, if there is, what does that say about our need to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by imbibing? 

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Google Apps for Your Domain Premier Edition Review

Today Google announced the Premier Edition of their fine Google Apps bundle of programs aimed directly at the heart of Microsoft’s Office suite of applications.

I love Google Apps so much I’m writing a book about it for Thomson Publishing called Google Apps Administrator Guide. We have discussed Google’s plans for World Domination in helping you collaborate on the Internet and the Premier Edition of Google Apps for Your Domain is the next step in working together in new and spectacular ways. Here’s what the new Dashboard looks like:

Google Apps for your Domain Premier Edition!

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