Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Will you be drinking into drunkenness today?

Are you wearing green right now?

Will you be pinching those who aren’t wearing green?

Do you even participate in this non-holiday celebration?

Is Saint Patty’s day about honoring the immigrant in parades across the country?

Or is this day more of a mainstream religious reminder how dangerous it is to let foreigners step foot on our sacred land — land originally founded by Native Americans
— to only create sub-cultures in a group core and foment niche gangs that create economic stratification and propel black market futures?

On a similar political and religious side note — here is the most popular t-shirt for sale at the BarackObama.com store over the last month. I call it: “The O’Bama Irish Green Tea Tee.”

Have the Irish and Italian mobs in America historically protected selfish, common, business interests — or have they only promoted lawlessness by sabotaging a sense of belonging larger than their dedication to the narrow cultural values of their home nations?

When immigrant cultural groups — like Native Americans or Blacks or Latinos, etc. — are self-marginalized from the mainstream, and then punished by the majority for belonging to each other based only on culture memes and Racial identity, shouldn’t we expect the creation of gangs to protect their values, meme investments, and their vested interests in a fading, Racial, notion?

Is the gangland game only dangerous for those outside the culture being provoked — or are those on the inside seeking protection also cut out for the belonging?


  1. Anne —
    The NYC Puerto Rican Day parade has a similar reputation and result. It is fascinating to see how people seem to feel the need to go “whack wild” in celebration of a cultural touchstone.

  2. Is it Fake or Fiction?

    I always find it wildly malfeasant and mindlessly entertaining when the mainstream press gets involved in outing a book that promises non-fiction — but turns out to be invented or reality-inspired fiction. Oprah bagged James Frey on her television show

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