A Bucket of Bigots and the Long Con

The only problem with Hillary Clinton calling the hardcore Trump believers a “Basket of Deplorables” is that she was too kind, and she didn’t go far enough in her descriptors.

Instead of being insulted by her, or being embarrassed for being called out on the who, and the of what they were, and are, Trump voters took Hillary’s reality check insult, spun it around, and created a “Deplorables” cottage industry that thrives today; along with echoing “Lock Her Up” chants, and “But What About Her E-mails?” t-shirt logo longings.

Hillary should have stopped being kind, and just delivered the unvarnished truth unto us all. Those Trump voters were not “deplorables” — they were just your ordinary, everyday, street Bigot. They were a Bucket of Bigots! No baskets, no deplorables, need apply.

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What's in a Deaf Sign Name? Hunter and his Gun!

The last week of August caught a firestorm in the Grand Island, Nebraska Public Schools system as administrators scrambled to recover from banning a three-year-old Deaf child named Hunter Spanjer from using his sign name because his fingers “looked too much like a gun” — and any sort of suggestion of a gun, even as a sign name, is verboten.

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Clinton as a Dubya Handi Wipe

We are all quite familiar with Dubya’s memorable moments in office as he flipped us off on camera — but there is a new firestorm afoot under the former president’s thumb — and it all has to do with how he used his new best friend Bill Clinton as a human Handi Wipe. 

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Gangland Holiday: Happy Pinching Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Will you be drinking into drunkenness today?

Are you wearing green right now?

Will you be pinching those who aren’t wearing green?

Do you even participate in this non-holiday celebration?

Is Saint Patty’s day about honoring the immigrant in parades across the country?

Or is this day more of a mainstream religious reminder how dangerous it is to let foreigners step foot on our sacred land — land originally founded by Native Americans
— to only create sub-cultures in a group core and foment niche gangs that create economic stratification and propel black market futures?

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The Grating Last Debate

Last night Barack and Hillary finished their 20th debate and, as usual, Barack was cool and Hillary tried to melt him with fiery accusations. Is anyone buying the humorless Clinton fire sale that Obama is unqualified to be president of the United States and Commander-in-Chief?

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