Hillary Clinton is Karl Rove in a dress.



Last night Hillary Clinton claimed she has won Florida and Michigan —
she has not and never did — and it is just that kind of hubris and
calculated misleading of the truth that stuns and sickens the rest of
us who can cleanly see Barack Obama will win the delegate race for the
democrat nomination. He has the numbers. He wins the math.

The only refuge Hillary has is to bash Barack. She will stop at nothing
to win — even if it means burning down the democrat party to falsely
win the nomination. She went nuclear negative on Obama and it worked.
Over the last two weeks, her campaign has made fun of Obama’s Race, the
way he dresses and his religion. Obama spent most of this week
testifying his love of the baby Jesus.

only reason Hillary “survives” to bash Barack another day is because of
the media bias that is overwhelmingly for her even though she claims
the media is, and always has been, against her.
Hillary was pronounced the “Real Comeback Kid” last night by the
mainstream media — but for those of us paying attention — we know the
real winner last night was Barack Obama.
Two weeks ago Barack was trailing Hillary by over 20 points in both
Ohio and Texas. He lost Texas by 3 points and Ohio by 10. Barack made
great progress against her, but he isn’t getting the credit this

Barack has the momentum and the message that turns eyes and hearts his
way, yet Hillary claims the new mantle of a driving force by winning
what she was supposed to win by a lesser margin that she was supposed
to win?
Are we in the Twilight Zone or in an election cycle?
The mainstream media want a fight between Hillary and Barack and
Hillary will give them what they want in order to stick around and
change the rules and replay Florida and Michigan and to try to push
more SuperDelegates her way — and we’re the worse for her wearing.
Someone in the democrat party needs to stand up right now to shut her

The republicans are licking their lips as Hillary does their dirty work
against Barack. Conservative voices like Rush Limbaugh urged their fans
to vote for Hillary yesterday to keep her in the race so she can keep
belittling Barack and it worked. Republicans love Hillary because they
know they can beat her in the Fall election.

Why don’t her supporters
get that fact?
The goal of the Hillary/Conservative cabal is singular with a
dual-pronged attack: Disenfranchising the Black vote by making Barack a
niche candidate based only on his Race and then purposefully inflaming
that Black voter base by cheating Obama out of his rightful nomination
so that, on election, day the disenfranchised stay home in protest and
John McCain wins the presidency by default.

Hillary Clinton is playing the role of a republican hack and she is
doing the Rovian dirty work she has always pretended to hate — but we
see through her veil of innocence and we are appalled by the
irrefutable joke her campaign is playing on the rest of us.


  1. if there’s really no way for her to win then i guess that’s what it is

  2. The Clintons are certainly master magicians: “Look over there while I make things disappear over here.”
    The media should be calling them on their games, but they just play along and keep looking “over there.”

  3. I was most pleased when one of the people on CNN pointed out that even with 16 straight wins from now, Clinton still wouldn’t hit ‘the magic number’.

  4. Gordon —
    Yes, that’s right, but the Clinton camp says Obama won’t get there, either, without a lot of SuerDelegate help.
    NBC said there are 79 SuperDelegates that are “yet to be assigned” by the state committees. I’m sure that’s where Clinton will seek to win her edge.

  5. There was a report on the news that Obama has been working on an undeclared block of SuperDelegates that were supposed to come out today supporting him — and to help quash Hillary and create unity in the party — if he won Texas last night.
    Since he didn’t win the popular vote in Texas, there seems to be a chill today on that plan… probably because the Clintons found out about it and are freezing the SuperDelegates back into remaining at least undeclared.

  6. It’s just so depressing that her “kitchen sink” tarring worked so well. Obama didn’t sink that low — and look what it got him… a perceived loss of momentum and the status of a “loser” last night when he really won in gaining ground and speed on her incredible lead.

  7. I certainly hope that trend continues, Gordon. The Obama side may have to hold that block of 50 until after he wins Mississippi on March 11.

  8. So for everyone’s information, David Plouffe is Obama’s campaign manager. (Not a last minute replacement, either! :P) He wrote :

    Our projections show the most likely outcome of yesterday’s elections will be that Hillary Clinton gained 187 delegates, and we gained 183.
    That’s a net gain of 4 delegates out of more than 370 delegates available from all the states that voted.
    The task for the Clinton campaign yesterday was clear. In order to have a plausible path to the nomination, they needed to score huge delegate victories and cut into our lead.
    They failed

    How nice that reads. Even though it seems in his favor now we still need to fight the good fight to make sure he gets the nomination. Otherwise it will be “4 more years” all over again.

  9. Thanks for that update, Gordon!
    I just heard on the news that her total gain might be 8 and not 4.
    Did you read about the leaked Obama strategery paper? What a mess!

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