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The Grating Last Debate

Last night Barack and Hillary finished their 20th debate and, as usual, Barack was cool and Hillary tried to melt him with fiery accusations. Is anyone buying the humorless Clinton fire sale that Obama is unqualified to be president of the United States and Commander-in-Chief?

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Accusing Plagiarism: The Last Refuge of a Dying Campaign

The Clinton campaign accused Barack Obama of plagiarizing his speeches.

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Celebrate Obamaday

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

Every year, hundreds of millions of cards are exchanged on February 14th, very frequently coming along with hundreds of billions of pounds of chocolate, stuffed animals, and other such presents.
While these are all lovely ways of expressing sentimentalities, I have a suggestion for you that will be a gift that will keep on giving for the next four years. I’m not referring to a savings bond though that has its own benefits. Rather, I refer to the wonderful gift of donating to the Barack Obama campaign.

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Obama Rising in Virginia, Maryland and the District

Obama slaughtered Hillary last night in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Barack didn’t just beat her. He whupped her good. Is Obama rising? Or is he only cresting until Hillary can smash him again in Texas and Ohio?

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Pimping Out Chelsea Clinton

The Clintons cried wolf last week while basking in the indignity of their outrage and the perceived national indifference to the offense of their suffering! Why is Hillary Clinton so easily offended — while the same sort of attacks wash off the back of Barack Obama?

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Super Tuesday Democrat Hangover

The Super Tuesday results are in and while some pundits are claiming a Hillary comeback against the rising Barack tide, I still find the trends moving Obama’s way because he has the spirit to inspire others with his vision and poetry just like other political greats before him.

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Barack Bites Back as the Clintons Bark

Barack Obama bit back against the Clintons last night in the South Carolina debate and both Hillary and Bill couldn’t be happier that the young senator was so inexperienced as to attack their attack machine without enough purpose or forethought.

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