The Super Tuesday results are in and while some pundits are claiming a Hillary comeback against the rising Barack tide, I still find the trends moving Obama’s way because he has the spirit to inspire others with his vision and poetry just like other political greats before him.

  • Obama won 14 states Hillary won 8.
  • Obama won as many White male votes as Hillary.
  • Obama won more White votes than Hillary.
  • Obama won 80% of the Black vote.

The most interesting number from last night was the overwhelming way in
which Obama won when he won. Hillary won a single state with 60% or
more of the vote while Barack won 8 states at 60-80% of the vote.
Here’s Obama’s win spread:

  • North Dakota 61%
  • Illinois 64%
  • Georgia 66%
  • Minnesota 67%
  • Colorado 67%
  • Alaska at 74%
  • Kansas at 74%
  • Idaho at 80%

fact that Obama won Missouri by a whisker should concern Hillary more
than her “comeback” win in California that was no comeback at all. She
was always ahead in California and I never believed the “Obama will win
by 20 points” spin spewed by the Clinton camp to elongate and
exaggerate her false comeback win in the Golden State.
Moving forward, Hillary’s biggest concern is playing her gender
stereotype when it is convenient for her. She cried again and it’s getting old.

Sure, she’s keeping the women in her camp, but the more people are
exposed to Obama’s message, the more votes he gets. Hillary is not
gaining supporters. Obama is gaining new supporters as well as
Hillary’s former supporters.
Many wonder why Hillary is seeping support instead of building it and
much of it still has to be pinned on Bill’s heels.

What the Clintons fail to realize is that when Bill was in office and got caught up in his awful Monica Blue Dress Blowjob Scandal
— and the subsequent Ken Starr inquisition prosecution and impending
impeachment drama — a lot of us leapt to his defense. We didn’t like
the blowjob, but we were more fed up by the Republican desire to pick
through the panties of his former conquests.
We were infuriated by the silly, pent-up impeachment scandal. We stood
with the man, we protected the man, we invested our very identity in
his presidency. We believed in him.

Then Bill went to South Carolina for Hillary and tried to lynch Obama
with the sort of lies and personal viciousness that was perpetuated on
him during his presidency — and those of us who were previously loyal
— were repulsed by his behavior.
South Carolina will forever live in Bill Clinton infamy within us right
there along with our hatred of Ken Starr. Bill took on the role of
political Hit Man and he took to the job too well. Obama’s White vote
doubled from 20% to 42% between South Carolina and Super Tuesday.

Clinton lynching did not take. We will never forgive his betrayal.
Obama is rising on our tide of hope and good wishes just as we floated
Bill’s boat during his impeachment. We will not be denied now, as then,
by the cruel intentions of dark hearts or a processed morality strung
along by voter polls and fine-tuned political machinations.


  1. David, I didn’t mention that Obama’s wife came to speak at the uni I work for, did I?
    I didn’t see her myself as I was working from home that day (last Thursday), but I saw video footage of her (which the uni is not publishing for various obscure reasons). And I have to say, I was really, really impressed with her presence and warmth. And how she addressed the students. In an interview after her speech, on campus, she mentioned about the kids voting. i hope they heard her.
    I wish I could vote here in the US, but alas, I can’t, not for a few years yet.

  2. I can’t go into why they’re not publishing it, but I will say that, personally, I think it’s ridiculous that they don’t. Urgh!
    I can’t vote because I don’t have US citizenship (yet) and am only here on a green card. When I get my US citizenship, I will have tri-citizenship, the US, the UK and South Africa!

  3. Hmmm…. naztgal… you’re being very mysterious about this refusal to show the wife of our future president! 😉
    Thanks for reminding everyone of your wonderful background! Are you allowed to have all those citizenships? Do you have three passports? Are you getting your green card because of your job or your marriage?

  4. Well, you know….privileged information and all :-).
    Oh David, it’s a long involved story. But yes, I am allowed to have multiple citizenships. At one time South Africa disallowed it, except in cases of special dispensation. But the last I’ve heard they’ve opened it up again. At the moment I have a UK and a SA passport. When it comes to the time, I will probably get a US passport too. I guess the years of living in SA with the sanctions making it difficult to travel has made me paranoid in terms of the freedom to travel. Having a UK and US passport gives me a lot of freedom. I have my green card because of my marriage, but was also in the process via my then job (I worked for JP Morgan for many years, both in the UK and the US). That part got put aside when the marriage happened. So that’s the story, in a very small nutshell :-).

  5. I looked up at my ‘President Barack Obama 2008’ poster this morning and he was smiling as always. It was quite reassuring. I’m happy to hear that he is on top. May he go from strength to strength! 🙂

  6. David, I’m not sure about the US passport, but the other’s (UK and SA) have that requirement, that country’s passport is used to enter and leave that country. I just carry them all with me when I travel, just to be on the safe side.

  7. Gordon —
    What is your take on this? How will it end? Will Obama win outright? Will there be a convention fight? Will the Superdelegates decide?

  8. It seems like it will come down to a convention fight and things will get even dirtier. G-d willing, Obama will end up on top. In Washington State alone, it was reported that if Obama were running against McCain, Obama would win by a lot but if Clinton were running it would be even and we don’t want that.

  9. Gordon —
    I agree. If it goes to the convention, it’s going to get really nasty and that favors the Clinton machine.
    This morning John Kerry said the Superdelegates know Barack is the only one that can beat McCain and even if they’re with Hillary now, circumstances will soon make it clear that they’ll have to switch.
    What I find numbing is MSNBC and CNN and other news sites are INCLUDING the Superdelegates in the overall delegate count for Hillary and Obama and that favors her by a lot.
    That seems unfair since primary delegates cannot switch their vote until after the first convention ballot — so they belong to candidate from now until that time — but the Supers can change on a whim at will and they belong to nobody, really. Including the Supers now unfairly shades the advantage to Hillary when it isn’t really so…

  10. Hi Frances!
    Welcome to Urban Semiotic and thank you for the kind and heartfelt comment!
    We need to force the right thing to happen.
    I’m so glad Blog Explosion is creeping back to life. I have missed it in the midst of its changes.

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