Barack Obama bit back against the Clintons last night in the South Carolina debate and both Hillary and Bill couldn’t be happier that the young senator was so inexperienced as to attack their attack machine without enough purpose or forethought.

I argue Barack had no other choice but to stand up to the bully Clintons:  Some sort of defensive attack is better than just continuing to offer up your belly for the gutting. However, I do wish he’d gone even further and made Bill’s presidency the focus of his attacks on Hillary because that’s what the Clintons are risking Obama won’t do:  Remind the nation of Bill’s immoral weaknesses and Hillary’s compliance with her husband’s cheating on her in the White House so she can advance her own dark, political, desires.

The Clintons are counting on the hope that Barack won’t stoop to their level and get vicious and personal and accusatory like them.  The Clintons are daring Barack to break his promise of Hope for a better tomorrow and if he does attack them, they will attack him right back as being duplicitous and phony. They are boxing in Barack.

Time is running out for an Obama breakout and the Clintons are praying they can keep him down long enough to run up the delegate account just enough to forever bay him with their braying. Moral people don’t understand why it is sometimes necessary to get “down and dirty” and fight back harder than those trying to tear down your beauty and goodness. Moral people believe fighting back is unseemly and uncouth and that’s just the response haters like the Clintons bet on in their planned puncturings.

Those in the democrat party that now claim everyone needs to get along and let go of the attacks are Clinton supporters.  By calling time-out on the attacks in the “spirit of reconciliation” they don’t allow Obama back in the fight to right himself. This is no time for getting along. The time to fight is now. Barack better soon learn sometimes morality requires punching — and the one to teach him is his wife Michelle.  She’s a tough street fighter and she seems to understand the need to be proactive and not defensive.

Let Michelle go after Hillary as Bill has gone after Barack:  Dare Hillary to condescend to a Black Woman who is her equal and, in many ways, her intellectual and moral superior.

Barack needs to wonder back and ask America if we are ready to return to Bill’s philandering ways. Do we want Bill back in the White House to roam free with slobbering interns and cigars and peppermint Altoids? Do we really want a woman in the White House who stays married to a confirmed cheater, intern predator, perjurer, and impeached president just so she can take her turn in the bully pulpit?

If Bill is going to punch Barack in the nose, Barack needs to smash the guy right back and Hillary is just as big a bully — but since boys don’t hit girls — Barack has to use Bill to smash Hillary just as Hillary is using Bill to smash Barack.

The Clintons have now brought the democrat process into the gutter and they’re packing the mud on their precious tar baby that they cannot wait to kill.  Barack better not accept the errand-boy role of Vice-President to Hillary or he’ll never escape their vainglorious clutches. Obama needs to wake up!  He needs to take them on — BOTH of them — and tell the truth and bloody his knuckles as the Clintons have bloodied him.

Obama is running against the Bill and Hillary machine and he risks being eaten alive by their greater mechanisms and darker deeds — but he can’t complain about it — Obama needs to face them head-on and eviscerate them with their own record of deceit and complicity against a trusting nation. Obama must make it clear that a vote for Hillary is a vote for Bill — and a horrible return to the political polarization of America that successfully gave us the rotting, twice-stolen, dearth-and-death presidency of the junior Bush.


  1. Lets face it – with Bilary ( ie two against one0 on the opposing side you are never going to win without a hell of a lot of smart manoeuvring.
    Come on Barack – step up to the plate – raise your game !

  2. That is pretty much it, Nicola. Hillary has left South Carolina — she knows she won’t win it — but Bill was left behind to stay back and try to split the Black vote from Obama. If Bill can steal 40% of the Black vote, he’ll wound Obama’s predicted big win.
    I’m not sure how you fight that if you’re Obama. Bill accuses you — if you ignore it you’re weak and if you respond you’re letting someone other than you direct opponent take your time and message away from your voters. It’s a true double-team.

  3. It’s a bit like that button that one character wears in “The Truman Show” – “How will it end?” I’m so curious to know yet afraid at the same time.

  4. Ya know….it’s called politics. Obama and his supporters better toughen up if they expect to win the nomination because the Republican party is not going to pull any punches for the election. You think Clinton is mean to him? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  5. I think Obama needs to understand that this is a part of the game. Unless he is strong, this Bilary & Co. will make him dance on their tune.
    Its his inexperience that still keeps him sober, it is hard for him to get dirty but I think it is now time for him to show the other side of him too.
    Being chivalrous with “Bilary” will be taken as “weakness” and Obama can’t afford it.

  6. I’m a bit fearful, too, Gordon. Obama is in the lion’s den now. Does he fight? Or does he surrender? Fighting could blow up the party. Perhaps that’s just what the democrats need.

  7. Right, Katha. Obama is in a fix because if he takes on Hillary directly, he’s “picking on a girl” and she hides behind her husband to defend her. If he doesn’t take her on, she will attack him. He needs surrogates to help him deal out the bloodshed. He can’t do it all by himself.

  8. Right, Nicola. The fake crying was my wake up call. Then Bill’s Racist injections in South Carolina were the nails in the Clinton coffin. Barack all the way!

  9. It is going to be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow – Super Tuesday – going to be a nail biting night.
    The whole world will be watching – let us hope the right decisions are made.

  10. Nicola —
    I cannot wait to see what will happen. The pundits think we won’t know everything until Wednesday morning because the vote will be so close.
    Barack is rising fast — Hillary crumbled today by losing her voice and crying again in public. She sees it all slipping away. This is her only chance.
    She can’t run again as “the first woman” candidate because she’ll be repeating her own personal history. She doesn’t have anything other than that to run on… her gender is her campaign.

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