Barack Obama won Iowa last night — one of the “Whitest” states in the union — with a resounding and undeniable smashing of Hillary Clinton’s “inevitable” campaign for the presidency of the United States.

What does Obama’s win mean for America?
Obama’s win means we are ready to get rid of the old guard, the nasty
war and the current generation of outdated politicians.
I used to be a Hillary supporter.  I can tell you the moment my want
for her presidency died:  When Bill opened his mouth about the Iraq war
and claimed “he’d never been asked” about his support for the war or
not… blah… and that he’d… blah blah been… against the war…
blah blah blah… and that if he were president he never would’ve…
blah… blah… blah… bleck!

Bill was overtly and inelegantly covering Hillary’s pro-war/pro-Bush
losing proposition by giving the voters the other side the coin while
still trying to have it both ways: “We were for the war before we were
against the war and we’ll be against the war when we’re for the war
when the war is over before the war began.”

It was then I realized if Hillary won the presidency we’d be back to
the old Clinton two-speak games of prevarication, word re-definitions,
getting a blow job without having sexual relations — not that there’s
anything wrong with that — and smoking without inhaling.
Enough of them and that!
Let’s do something new now!

claims she has more experience than Obama and I find that laughable. 
Being First Lady is not proper experience that trumps another in a race
for the presidency. Does anyone believe Laura Bush could be
Commander-in-Chief?  Ha!

Obama was on the right side of the war before the war began.  He is his
own man.  No one owns him — except for his castrating wife
something we’ll all have to get used to, I suppose — he is a free
politician in a swamp of pre-owned warlord politicos.
After listening to Obama’s inspiring speech last night in Iowa I became
a Believer in him and — for the first time in my long life — I made a
monetary contribution to a political candidate.

I gave Barack Obama my cash because my money is on him to put America
right again — and I really hope he makes it to the end in one piece
and finds us all a greater peace.
The question of Obama’s Black skin is always brought up in the
mainstream media as they secretly, yet publicly, wonder around the
corners “If a Black Man can win the presidency…”
Can Barack Obama win the White Folk?
Last night in Iowa he made is clear he could and he did.


  1. Hi Katha —
    That article you quote is a commentary from 2005 — so it is opinion only and horribly outdated.
    I thought a woman would be elected president before anyone of color — but I guess the person matters more than the minority now. That’s a good thing.
    It is true that both Iowa and Missouri have never elected a female governor or congress person or member of the senate — that is clearly a gender-hating history — but last night Obama won because he was on the right side of the war, not because he was a Black man.

  2. I read of his success this morning and was both delighted and afraid for him – let us hope our predictions do not come true.
    This victory for him gives me hope, for America, for the UK and for the world.

  3. Nicola —
    It was a thrilling moment to learn last night that Obama won Iowa and — most interestingly — he won the woman vote 35% to Hillary’s 30%!
    Hillary has based her campaign as the first choice of the Black community — always a false and insulting claim with Obama in the race and he now takes back that base from her — and she ran as the as the choice of women and he has now pulled that from her has well.
    What does Hillary have left in her support bag that can help her? Not much. Her base is older and decaying. Obama’s base is young and angry.
    Obama is a citizen of the world — he’s been educated beyond the USA in Indonesia:
    He has a fuller world view that is appealing.
    And, as sorry as this might sound, his “Black face” will play much better in the Middle East than that of the “White Devil” that currently burdens that spot or even the “White Deviliss” that hopes to earn that role.
    We need less homogeny at the top of USA foreign policy and having Obama in the lead role shows we are more of the world than we are attacking it with imperialist intentions.

  4. I always found Hilary rather condescending and could never quite understand how she let Bill get away with the blow job affair ………….. or even get away with the explanations – ie the double speak you mentioned – I always felt that her whole attitude to that was disrespectful to other women and set a bad example – so I am not at all surprised there has been a backlash of sorts.
    Expect more mud slinging from the Clinton Camp …………….

  5. Nicola —
    People say what’s happening now with her candidacy is the deal she made back then not to divorce him. Some think she’d be much better off without him but I think she needs him for her political definition just because people like him better than they like her. 😀
    I’m hearing if Hillary lost to Barack she will “go nuclear” on him during the New Hampshire debate this weekend. I’m not sure what she plans to use for armaments, though. He confessed all his sins in his books to avoid just this sort of attack.

  6. I am pretty sure that is how most of the world sees it – not really a good base for a Presidential bid is it ?
    Will be interesting to watch what she does next – and what she tries next ………. Hard hats and fall out suits at the ready.
    I found this quote from him from last night
    “Years from now, you’ll look back and say that this was the moment America remembered what it means to hope ” – it reminded me of our conversation about hope recently.

  7. That’s good to know, Nicola!
    Hillary’s full support for all of Bush’s war mongering and wagering and demand for money — because she didn’t want to look like a weak woman — isn’t being forgiven and I feel there are strong elements out there who cannot wait to vote AGAINST her for her betrayal of those core democrat values that Obama now alone owns. Even Edwards initially voted for the war.
    Hillary’s best card is the one she’s hiding the most: She’s a Stone Cold B*tch!
    She should be celebrating that strength: “Yes, I’m tough and I’m not going to take any cr*p from the republicans or the terrorists or those whiny boys Obama and Edwards! I’m here to bust balls and break necks. Who’s next?”
    People would cheer for her because we all know that’s precisely how she is in private. 😀

  8. I’m so glad you’re on the Obama team now. I have had this poster hanging in my living room for awhile now.
    I celebrated last night by handing out free Barack The Vote buttons as well as buttons with his image on them that my artist friend Koichi drew. Then I went on the button blog and promised free buttons to the first ten comments. I’ll send you a few if you want them, too. 🙂
    As Barack said in a speech recently – when he is selected as the choice for the Democratic party he will be the only one who will be able to say that he has been against the war from way back in 2002. This is a joyous moment.
    My mom called me this morning and insisted that he had to be a Muslim. I told her to stop watching only Fox News.

  9. I’ve always been an Obama fan, Gordon, I just wasn’t sure he could win the Southern vote. South Carolina will tell us a lot.
    Love the Barack button idea! Send me some! Your poster looks sort of evil, though… 😀
    He did the right thing being against the war — I don’t know anyone who was spoiling for a fight with Iraq until Bush started up his fake war machine and made us “bad Americans” if we didn’t want the war. Many people feel duped and foolish and they’re finally standing up to be counted.
    The whole Muslim thing will linger with Obama. His middle name is bad for the USA election but excellent in the rest of the world. We need him to negotiate us out of the Middle Eastern mire and I think he could do it swiftly and without a lot of loss of life. I think Hillary wants to stay in Iraq to feed her big business donors.

  10. A quick note of congratulations in advance as it looks as though you will hit the magic one million some time tonight while I am asleep 🙂

  11. Hey Nicola!
    Yes, we’re so close to the million! Don’t think this gets you off the hook in visiting, though. Next, we go for 2 million! :mrgreen:
    If we had been able to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas the world over and then forced people to go in and work during those days — we would’ve made the milestone before 2008 crept upon us. Oh, well… four days late isn’t too bad. 😆

  12. Don’t get your hopes up; Hillary has enough of a political engine and warchest to absorb this defeat – as does Romney on the Republican side.
    We in the US are probably looking at having to choose between Hillary and Romney in ’08.
    More and more I’m grateful for having several other countries that will provide me and my family with homes and employment.

  13. jonolan —
    After Gore and Kerry I have learned not to have high hopes when it comes to nasty political dealings. State-sponsored election stealing is a bitter pill to bite.
    That said, Obama has just as much money as Hillary. She might have access to the traditional pathways of the election dances but Obama’s surprise is in his ability to — so far anyway — transcend the expected and the ordinary.
    Romney is finished. He’ll never be accepted by the current fundamentalist wing of the republican party. He has money but no real, hot, dedicated, must-win support. He blew $10 million to come in second in Iowa in a humiliating defeat no matter how hard he tries to spin it with a porcelain grin. He’s as empty as his can of hairspray!
    I agree the USA is quickly becoming fashionably fascist and I sense the younger kids are getting that uneasy feeling as well. It’s really up to them to come out and save us and free us from our current chains of war. Without them nothing will change.

  14. Hi David,
    this looks very promising for obama!
    if he does go on to become president, i think it will be the greatest achievement of the bush presidency.

  15. Well said, Dananjay!
    You’re right that the one thing Bush has done is congeal the opposition against him like no other time in the history of the nation. The guy is hated and people are angry and they will take their revenge in the fall against his party and that is a very good thing to destroy that evil in its protected crib.
    Some pundits are predicting a doubling of the turnout for the democrat candidate in the fall with 20% of that “surge” being young people who have never before voted!

  16. Hi Nicola!
    Yes, the polls are fascinating. The newest polls seem to support Obama’s push into first but the polls yesterday had Hillary leading by 8%. What wackiness! 😀

  17. As a Canadian, my opinion is really irrelevant, but I couldn’t help but see the contrast in the speeches afterwards with Obama having young crowds and cheering and Clinton having the “old regime” from previous administrations.
    Could it be that we are out with the old and in with the new?

  18. I’ve ended up doing a bit of research on the Democratic nomination progress. I’ve posted what I’ve found on my blog.
    It’s not pleasant, but wouldn’t necessarily be insurmountable for Obama. He’s got an uphill battle though due to both the way delegates are allocated by the states and the power brokering I found out is happening.
    [Comment edited by David W. Boles.]

  19. Hi Tent!
    It’s great to hear from you my good friend! You do an outstanding support job in the forums and they need many more “duplicates” of you there — so get on the copy machine and start making more greatness! 😀
    Yes, the chasm between Obama and Clinton supporters is huge now. You’re right that Obama has the minds of the young and they are multi-colored. Hillary’s “crew” are the parents of Obama’s supporters and they’re the crabby old liberals the kids throw rotten apples at and and they are are basically the same shade.
    As one announcer said, “Hillary should’ve run in 2004 and she would’ve won with her change argument. This year people want BIG CHANGE and that’s Obama, not her. She’s part of the war establishment. She missed her time.”
    I agree with that analysis. She was too timid to take on Bush in 2004 and now she’s dealing with an unpredictable phenomenon called “Obama” that she will never be able to pin down and attack because it is ever-changing and always growing!

  20. Right, Nicola!
    Semiotics are powerful! Just show video or still images of the campaign audiences and you’ll see Obama’s supporters are alive and responsive and Hillary’s are quieter and more sedate. Big energy difference!

  21. jonolan —
    Please don’t post comments that are just advertisements for your own blog.
    I removed the direct URL because people can click on your name to go to your blog.

  22. Now that’s a fun quiz, Nicola! Here are my results:
    90% Dennis Kucinich
    88% Mike Gravel
    84% Barack Obama
    81% Bill Richardson
    80% John Edwards
    79% Chris Dodd
    78% Hillary Clinton
    77% Joe Biden
    37% Rudy Giuliani
    29% Ron Paul
    27% John McCain
    24% Mitt Romney
    20% Mike Huckabee
    17% Tom Tancredo
    12% Fred Thompson
    Wacky, eh? I was as liberal as I could possibly be and those were my results. Hillary was SO FAR down on my list of wannabees.
    Sobering, I confess! 😀

  23. One more question for you, Nicola.
    What is the correct pronunciation of your name?
    I was watching a BBC show and your name was pronounced “NIH-ki-lah” — while in the USA we would pronounce it, “ni-COH-lah.”
    Which one is correct?

  24. Glad you enjoyed ………… 🙂
    The second “ni-COH-lah.” is the correct way to say my name – female derivative of Nicholas.

  25. That was a fun quiz, Nicola. I thought for sure I’d bee 100% Obama!
    Thanks for the heads up on your name. Now I know I’ve been correctly saying it in my head. 😉

  26. Don’t shatter my love for the BBC, Nicola! It’s the only channel I can watch right now because they seem to be so dispassionate an on point when it comes to a world view.

  27. That’s a great article, Nicola, thanks.
    We do have the longest “free election” period in the world. It’s rather ridiculous, really.
    Run, vote, done. That’s much better.

  28. Great article, Nicola! It’s fascinating how Obama is raking in the independents in New Hampshire over Hillary by 40%. When you look at die-hard democrats he’s tied with her, but when you mix in the independents it looks like a crushing is in store for her campaign. I think she’s in real danger if she loses big to Obama in New Hampshire.

  29. David,
    yes, over the last decade, the sordid and sometimes blatantly cynical machinations of this us administration have hopefully left a lot of people, across party lines, with a keener eye and greater appreciation of sincerity.

  30. Hi David,
    I understand the article is old; I missed the date while providing the link.
    I also understand that Obama won because of his timely view on war – we can only hope his intention is real and genuine – that’s what we need.

  31. Yes, Nicola!
    It’s election day in New Hampshire! The polls close in three hours. Everyone is predicting an Obama rout and most pundits have checked off NH and they’ve started thinking about Michigan next.
    There were so many people coming out to vote today — new voters who were unexpected — they ran out of ballots! The Secretary of State has been scrambling to print more and get them distributed. It’s Obama fever in NH, too, it seems.
    Hillary’s NH crowds are being 50% imported from New York and Massachusetts based on the license plates in the parking lots.
    Bill Clinton is averaging 200 people a speech in NH and Barack is averaging over 2,000. This is not a man, but a movement that cannot be stopped.
    Hillary said Obama was “No Martin Luther King, Jr.” She’s desperate and ungraceful.
    Barack is speaking in Jersey City on Wednesday at Saint Peter’s College. I used to teach there. It’s within walking distance. Too bad I’m on a deadly deadline. 😥

  32. Not such good news this morning …….. 🙁
    What a sham you are on a dead line and cannot go and see the man with the potential to change the world.

  33. A few points:
    1) Hillary has a lot of superdelegates already “pledged” to her, so Obama’s Iowa win wasn’t as big as it 1st seems.
    2) Democratic Primaries / Caucuses award delegates on a proportional basis. Given how close Hillary and Obama were, they each probably got the same number of delegates from NH. So, in a practical sense, NH was a tie.

  34. Perception is everything, though, jonolan. Obama was supposed to crush Hillary in New Hampshire and it didn’t happen. People are stunned and hurt and wondering where things went wrong. That suspicion hurts Hillary as well and taints her win.

  35. True, but I think that the fact that she and Obama “won” the exact same number of delegates from NH taints her win even more.
    Since it’s those delegates that will be doing the nominations at the DNC, it seems to me that NH was a tie.

  36. I also remember during — Bush I — that he had a secretary on staff who was “sent to France” during the first Clinton election because she was “rumored” to have had an affair with the president.
    I don’t think most people see Obama’s loss yesterday as a win in any way.

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