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Hillary Weeps Her Way to Winning

Hillary Rodham Clinton won New Hampshire last night and she did it by crying — fake crying — in public. She tugged at female heartstrings and bullied men into voting for her by feeling sorry for her.  Hillary “found her voice” in a ridiculous, trembling, tremolo that will hurt her more in the future than it helped her last night.

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Barack Obama Wins the White Folk

Barack Obama won Iowa last night — one of the “Whitest” states in the union — with a resounding and undeniable smashing of Hillary Clinton’s “inevitable” campaign for the presidency of the United States.

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Shedding Shared Values as Black Identity Splinters Within

The PewReseachCenter released a wild new report last week concerning the Growing Values Gap in the Black Community that suggests a shedding of shared community values that is leading to a splintering of traditional Black interests in the USA.
You may have already heard about the disconnect between Whites and Blacks when it comes to Blacks being better off now than they were five years ago:

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Are Nooses Hate Crimes?

The Jena 6 happening brought nooses back to the mainstream mindset and we now seem to be in the midst of a media frenzy where nooses are seen everywhere and people are put on edge just waiting to be insulted by a length of knotted rope so they can express their indignant outrage.

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Republicans Branding Black Stereotypes

Is the Republican Party in the USA Racist? Are the GOP — “The Grand Old Party” — kind to Blacks and other minorities, or is their entire purpose and strategy to demonize Blacks and win elections off their backs while only pretending to want and welcome Black skin into power?

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