Incredible Beauty of the Bicycle Card Aesthetic

I was never a great skill card player growing up. I was quite excellent at War, and at 52 Pick-Up, but other than that, my mastery in card games was more in my mind than in my hand. I never played a dime or a nickel flush where I won any type of pot, but I always enjoyed holding the actual playing cards. The designs were a fascination to my young mind, and today, when I happened upon the Bicycle cards website, I was taken back to a time when a deck of cards lasted for years of regular use around the kitchen table with nickel raises and dime bets; but these cards, these new Bicycle cards, had a right life of their own. The opaque card box was gone; replaced by a lovely translucent plastic that was more welcoming to both hand, and eye.

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Jack White and the Triple Inchophone

I’m a huge fan of records in the vinyl format. Well, it seems I have finally hit the mother lode as far as organizations go that are interested in keeping alive the vinyl format and doing wonderful new creative things for it. This organization is the Third Man record label, led by SuperGenius Jack White, founder of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather.

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Jimmy Page Gets Loud

I was finally able to find some time to watch — “It Might Get Loud” — the “guitar documentary” starring Jack White, Jimmy Page and The Edge.  I bought the Blu-ray version and it was not worth the extra money.  The movie is grainy and not sharply defined.  When the boys are inside under proper lighting, the movie looks okay, but all the second and third unit shoots just look awful.

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The Looxis 3D Hologram Optical Cube Review

Janna gave me a wonderful present last night:  Jack The Cat immortalized forever in a ten-pound 3D Hologram cube of optical glass.  Jack hasn’t been feeling well — he’s doing better now — so it was a delight to see Jack-in-the-Cube’s glimmering face looking back at me in a 3D Hologram.

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Pet Food that Kills Pets and Emotional Urbanization

I have been wanting to write about the massive — in the hundreds of millions pounds — recall of tainted pet food sold in America, but there hasn’t been time for reflection and distance to help provide context and meaning of pet owners unwittingly killing their pets with food they purchase to keep them healthy.

I realize now is the moment to step forward in light of today’s New York Times article — explaining how it is a conflict of cultures, an acquiescence of values, and a shared economic drive between companies and countries to save as much money as possible — that threatened our animals and killed our pets:

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