Janna gave me a wonderful present last night:  Jack The Cat immortalized forever in a ten-pound 3D Hologram cube of optical glass.  Jack hasn’t been feeling well — he’s doing better now — so it was a delight to see Jack-in-the-Cube’s glimmering face looking back at me in a 3D Hologram.

The amazing 3D Hologram technology is by Looxis

You submit a photo for scanning — you can also sit live and have your face scanned — and Looxis does the rest. 

Your cube can be viewed in natural light — an eerie and exhausting experience — or you can buy a multi-color LED carousel that will turn your hefty cube and light it up with a kaleidoscope of glittering color.

You can actually see the details of Jack’s fur as the cube turns.  Forgive the ugly quality of these iPhone images.  The glass shimmers as Jack’s face floats before you:

You can also sit for a live scan:

The Looxis software with contour you in a 3D Hologram:

The Vitrolux laser will then, incredibly, engrave your craven image inside the optical cube in four minutes.

The Looxis 3D Hologram Optical Cube isn’t a cheap process. Our store was running a special — Buy One, Get One Half Off — so Janna and I each have our own Jack-in-the-Cube and the total price was around $450.00USD for both cubes and two rotating rainbow carousels.

A better gift was never given.


  1. Good idea – though I can boil it down for you in three sentences to start:
    Bought the first one on a whim. Bought the second one because Elizabeth and I had Vampire Bear with us this time. Bought the third one because we felt bad that Shrimpy bear wasn’t in the first two. 🙂

  2. Hi, I actually own a Looxis laser store in Virginia. We actually carry
    the very size glass cube shown and can get the exact product with the rotating light bases for about $ 130.00 USD .

  3. Mike,
    I am thinking about opening a looxis kiosk.(but not in your area…don’t worry) How is your business in Virginia? I was amazed by the cube. I also bought one in New York city. Would love to talk with you by phone. If interested please email back.
    Thank you,

    1. Linda, How is your kiosk doing, where do you have it set up, how much did it cost and where did you get the equipment? I just saw a booth at the Ohio state fair and was blown away. We bought a small one for 25.00, very reasonable. I am retired and would love to set up something in a high end mall. Any information you could pass along would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim

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