Japan and Embracing the Future of Wind Power

It has been six months since devastating earthquakes rocked Japan and set off a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant that could take up to one hundred years to fully correct. It is amazing how much the nation has recovered in that very short time period — that link has many beautiful then and now photographs which show immense improvement.

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Nothing Happens for a Reason

We love to believe “Everything Happens for a Reason” when the truth of that statement is actually just the opposite — “Nothing Happens for a Reason” — but to argue the reversal instead of the canard is to challenge the very fabric of our illogical existence.

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Japan Gets Younger

Japan has a people problem.  An old people problem.  The elderly have gone missing.  Actually, the missing people are dead.  Japan has quickly become younger as their infamous “we live forever” meme has been shattered before their national eye.

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Who is Jo Calderone?

Who is Jo Calderone and what is he doing on the cover of Japanese Men’s Vogue?  Is Jo a man or a woman?  Does it matter?  Hey, waitaminute!  It appears Jo Calderone is actually: Lady Gaga in gender disguise! Are you shocked by this news or bored to crocodile tears?

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The Edification of Xenophobe Michael Kay

The New York Yankees are the most successful franchise in the history of sport — and they deserve to have a non-xenophobe as their main television play-by-play announcer and as the host of CenterStage on YES.

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Fear and Trembling in Japan

Fear and Trembling is a fascinating French film spoken in Japanese and French with English subtitles. The film washes over you and the multiple languages enhance the spectacle of the story.

Fear and Trembling

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