Who is Jo Calderone and what is he doing on the cover of Japanese Men’s Vogue?  Is Jo a man or a woman?  Does it matter?  Hey, waitaminute!  It appears Jo Calderone is actually: Lady Gaga in gender disguise! Are you shocked by this news or bored to crocodile tears?

To my eye, there is no doubt Jo Calderone is Gaga — the nose, the mouth and the profile are clearly hers — but, believe it or not, there is doubt on The Internets questioning if Jo is really a man apart from The Ga.

Do we appreciate Gaga’s gender-bending?  Is she challenging our label of what publicly makes up a man and a woman?  Or is she just merely trying to keep her name in the headlines to keep her Twitter followers growing?

I appreciate Gaga’s sense of wonderment and humor as she challenges the human condition — and I hope we’ll next see her on the cover of Modern Dog Magazine as Frannie, The Transgender Cocker Spaniel.


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