The Age of Unimpressions

There was a time, not too long ago, when you could have a career impersonating celebrities. You could make your way, pay your mortgage, live a life — by not being just as talented as those you impersonated, but by being more talented than they — because you had to be at least as good as the star you were impersonating to faithfully match their power! In the 1960’s and 1970’s you would often see impressionists on mainstream, broadcast television. Frank Gorshin — of Riddler Batman fame — was so much more than a comic book character. Gorshin had the ear for sounding like other famous people. Rich Little was another staple entertainer of my childhood — doing impressions of stars of yesterday, who are all now long faded, or dead — but Rich’s talent was so great that he became just as famous as those he sounded alike.

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Finally Dumps the Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has finally — in the public positing of her invisible rising — become herself.  She has dropped the silly “Lady Gaga” 24-hour performance persona in favor of a refreshing hyperrealism that is not only appealing, but necessary to the forward advancement of her musical career.

I understood why Stefani felt it was necessary to wear big sunglasses and dress outrageously in meat clothes as a new musical performer.

She was talented, and could sing, but talent alone doesn’t always win over the media.  Wild behavior gets attention, and so Stefani purposefully dressed as outrageously as she could to get noticed — even tempting a gender change to pull in headlines and eyes.

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Born this Way: Chaz Bono, Jo Calderone and a Fake Penis

I am disturbed by all the hate focused on Chaz Bono as he competes on Dancing with the Stars:

“Of course, they knew there would be some anti-Bono calls and emails,” said a longtime “DWTS” insider. “But this has been more vicious and in larger volume than was anticipated. … Some of the comments are downright scary,” the source added.

It seems some of the negativity may be coming from ABC viewers in the Bible Belt — riled up by denunciations of Bono in sermons delivered by unhappy preachers.

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Lady Gaga as Polymathic Artist

We know too well that Lady Gaga is sometimes not well liked — Camille Paglia scolded her nattering vagina, for example. In some cases, people just are outright mean to her — calling in to question whether or not she has the genitalia of a man or a woman, as though that has any influence on the quality or beauty of the artwork she creates.

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Camille Paglia Scolds Lady Gaga's Nattering Vagina

Let there be no doubt:  Camille Paglia hates Lady Gaga — and she says so, quite clearly — in a relentless, unbending, 3,200-word, flaying published in The Sunday Times.  The article is behind a paywall.  I ponied up the $2.00USD access fee for one day access to the website.  I was surprised to read not a single kind word was shed in Stefani’s favor:

There are blurred borderlines between the sexes: gender is now alleged to be fabricated rather than biological; so everything is a pose. Thus Gaga welcomed the rumour about her being intersex and converted it into a fashion statement. Casual “hooking up” blends friends and lovers, with sex becoming merely an excuse for filial hugging…. Hence Gaga gratuitously natters on about her vagina. In the sprawling anarchy of the web, the borderline between fact and fiction has melted away.

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Who is Jo Calderone?

Who is Jo Calderone and what is he doing on the cover of Japanese Men’s Vogue?  Is Jo a man or a woman?  Does it matter?  Hey, waitaminute!  It appears Jo Calderone is actually: Lady Gaga in gender disguise! Are you shocked by this news or bored to crocodile tears?

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The Necessity of Expressionism in a Modern World

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari — “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” — is a silent 1920 German Gothic movie that set the new standard for terror in a darkened theatre, and that movie also epitomizes the artistic ideal of “Expressionism” that took populist hold in Germany after World War I.

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