Sex is Unimportant: Intimacy is Everything

A friend of mine who is amicably divorcing his wife, told me a tale of woe the other day that he has felt unloved and sexless for many years.  He didn’t blame his wife, he blamed himself for putting too much emphasis on sex and not enough on intimacy.  “I should have done more cuddling,” he whispered to me.

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Going Places By Being Polite

There are some people who feel that they never get their way when dealing with other people. I have found that much of the time, it has a lot to do with being polite — specifically with the people not being as polite as they think they are being to other people.

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Stranger in the Garden: The Sad Kindness of John and Yoko

The Beatles were born into The Blues.  Their early work is washed in the tinted tones of human suffering and a wailing against a natural born plot in life.  When I recently watched the 1988 documentary — Imagine: John Lennon — I was provided us an intimate look into the making of John’s Imagine album, and I was struck by the kindness John and Yoko gave to a Stranger discovered living in a garden on their English estate.

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The Unnecessary Necessary: An Anonymous Stranger

Last Friday I was presented evidence — through direct experience — confirming what I argued in my The Last Selfless Act article. I discovered there are real people who are really willing to help with nothing in it in the end for them on their end. I was walking to the bank when my Blackberry rang with the following:

Janna is calling!

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Men and Kindness

One lesson young women know, but can never quite learn, is how many young men misunderstand kindness from a woman as affection. The difference between kindness and affection are bright and clear. Kindness is what you should extend to every person. Affection is reserved for intimate reciprocal relationships where the affection expressed is given and not demanded. Young men are anxious to connect to young women.

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Birkenstocks for Vegans

During my old university days, the hepcat footwear to wrap around your feet year round were Birkenstock sandals (with or without socks). As a Virgin Vegan, I’m thrilled to report that Birkenstock not only provide a wide range of cruelty-free and animal-free products, they are proud of this fact and want to get the word out to everyone, not just folks in the Vegan community.

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