The Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Review

For a long period of my life, including my early teens, I was not much interested in music of any form other than the classical music that my grandmother enjoyed. It was not until sometime early in high school that I discovered a copy of Led Zeppelin IV among some cassette tapes that my father had purchased at a garage sale — this was 1991, after all, and you found a lot more cassettes at garage sales than almost anything else musically speaking. It was one of the most powerful musical moments of my life and I am pretty sure that it changed my life for the better as I might not have nearly the musical taste I have now if I had not discovered the tape.

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Did Get Punked by the Onion?

Did just get punked by the Onion?  Or are Gibson punking us with misleading rumors they are positing as the truth?  Here’s a screenshot of the Lifestyle page where they tell us today that Led Zeppelin are getting ready to reunite — according to a Robert Plant interview in The Onion.

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