As Oscar Pistorius Stumbles Down Murder Row

I am dumbfounded by news today from South Africa that legless Olympian runner Oscar Pistorius has been charged with murdering Reeva Steenkamp, his longtime girlfriend, with four gunshots.  Why would a man like Oscar ever raise a gun in fear or anger?  Hasn’t his life taught him that obstacles are to be overcome and never under-gunned?

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Carbon-Fiber Legs Racing for Olympic Gold

Oscar Pistorius is our modern day Bionic Man — but that doesn’t mean he any sort of mechanical advantage over average-bodied runners — even though the International Association of Athletics Federations originally banned him from competition for that very, mechanical, reason:

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The Wonder With Guts

We learned earlier today that Michael Chertoff is our das Homeland Gutless Wonder.
Now we are inspired by Peng Shulin — as our Wonder With Guts with new robotic legs — as he proves to us what it really means to inspire people and a nation and all while filling the world with hope and belonging:

Spreading Your Legs

Many of us are taught as children that we are all equal: Men and womenSpread are of the same notion and devotion. We are born as one. We share all rights together.

We suffer together.

Do you think that idea of equality is true, or are there internal differences that place one gender over another either viscerally or demonstrably?

Are there certain mandatory body positions of power and submission that require one gender to take a lesser position of human stature in order to be served?

Does the mere knowledge of one gender’s propensity over another for creating a submissive position create unconscious inequality and separateness?

When you think of spreading your legs — and I’m not just talking about sexually — which gender is more required to get on their backs and open their legs in the most vulnerable position the human body can create?

Is there power in spreading legs or is that position seen as a universal human indicator of weakness and open submission?

Awesome Legs: A New Look

by Peggy Kumke

It was all by accident, my new discovery on what people found attractive. I was walking down the mall, of course in my cutest short shorts, minding my own business, when I began to realize I was getting looks from other people. At first I could not imagine why they were looking at me. Then I focused in on where they were looking…. MY LEGS! I knew I looked great, but I always do when I am at the mall. Using the logic and intelligence I am noted for, I began to realize they were looking at the red spots on my legs.

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