by Peggy Kumke

It was all by accident, my new discovery on what people found attractive. I was walking down the mall, of course in my cutest short shorts, minding my own business, when I began to realize I was getting looks from other people. At first I could not imagine why they were looking at me. Then I focused in on where they were looking…. MY LEGS! I knew I looked great, but I always do when I am at the mall. Using the logic and intelligence I am noted for, I began to realize they were looking at the red spots on my legs.

I figured that out when I would turn around and see the people behind me were looking at the backs of my legs. Well, that is where I had the reddest spots. It only took common sense that they were admiring how I looked.

Developing Attractiveness
I knew then that I was on to something real big. A new look! No more tanning to get rid of blemishes. I had to find a way to develop more red spots. This was an original discovery. Sometimes I am so creative it almost frightens me. Through a lot of trial and errors the secret was developed and now it was time to try out my new look at the mall. I tried to wear something that would reveal my legs, but not so attractive that it would cause myself to get mixed up on what people would be awing over. Oh, I must mention that my legs had more red spots than I ever imagined would happen. I even had spots around my ankles.

No More Tanning
I can’t say I always felt comfortable because my legs burned at times, but it was worth the sexy and beautiful look I would be allowing people to admire. I mean it takes time and there is burning pain, but for a look that could cover up blemishes and no more tanning in the heat for hours, you better believe it was worth it all. Anyway, I went to the mall and was I surprised at the heads that turned and the looks I got. I knew I had outdone myself.

I felt so excited my mind could not stop imagining the money I would make when I patented the idea. I think I got better looks because I had found a second phase of my discovery to make the red spots more noticeable. WELL, it worked. People wondered how I could look like that. They had expressions as if they were in awe, speechless.

Beauty is Not Contagious
I felt very confident in my new discovery, except I could not understand why people moved away from me when I was in line for pizza. The line was very long, but the people behind me were the first to move, then as the people in front took notice of me, they began to move. They were standing in another food line on the other end. Within seconds I was right up front ready to order.

This was puzzling to me. If I did not know better I would have thought they were moving away thinking I was contagious, but that is silly, beauty is not contagious. Of course, they thought I was famous or maybe a great model and wanted to give me my choice of being first at any food stand. I was overwhelmed with emotions. I never dreamed of such success with my two simple phases.

Phase 1 for Basic Spotty New Look
• 1. Shave your legs only when the hair is long. This will vary for each woman, depending on how fast your leg hair grows.

• 2. Buy a lotion that is perfumed and contains alcohol as its main ingredient.

• 3. Use dull razors. Borrow used ones if you have to.

• 4. After shaving, generously rub the lotion on your freshly shaved legs.

• 5. Burning is normal. Continue these steps for the best results.

• 6. If living in Arizona, go outside for one hour to allow the heat to penetrate into your pores.

• 7. If you don’t live in Arizona, stand in front of a heater.

• 8. Let your legs stand for 30 minutes while you calm yourself from the burning sensations.

• 9. Get ready for the mall.

Phase 2 for Advanced New Look
• Make sure you have completed Phase 1.

• Use a new razor; never do this during Phase 1.

• Shave over freshly shaved legs.

• Have tissue handy to dab the “more than” red spots that may occur.

• Apply second application of same type of lotion as used in Phase 1.

• Stand in front of fan to allow the legs to soothe. If you don’t have a fan, stand in front of an open refrigerator.

• Wait one hour, and now you’re ready for the mall.

Enjoy Your New Look! When the heads turn on you, SMILE.

Don’t be surprised if a stranger asks you how your legs got that way. Share your beauty tips.

People appreciate great looks.