Giving Back What I Got

by Peggy Kumke

Grandparents play a unique role when their grandchildren are in their care. I enjoy all the time their parents allow me to have with them. The most wonderful blessings of being the grandparent is to be able to give the grandchildren back to their parents whenever you want to. It makes no difference how much we spoil them; the parents have to raise them, not us!

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You, Too, Can Have Dimples

by Peggy Kumke

You should see how GREAT I am looking lately. My butt is really looking good in my clothes. The dimples I am getting are so cute, and they are large enough to show through my pants. It’s really makes the other girls jealous. Oh, I must tell you that my hips are so rounded my pants hardly fit.

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I Am Me

by Peggy Kumke

Anyway, life is good. I love my new me. I have really been working on improving who I am so that I can look in the mirror and be proud of me and who I am becoming. I no longer fix dinners. I relax after work in my recliner.

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Awesome Legs: A New Look

by Peggy Kumke

It was all by accident, my new discovery on what people found attractive. I was walking down the mall, of course in my cutest short shorts, minding my own business, when I began to realize I was getting looks from other people. At first I could not imagine why they were looking at me. Then I focused in on where they were looking…. MY LEGS! I knew I looked great, but I always do when I am at the mall. Using the logic and intelligence I am noted for, I began to realize they were looking at the red spots on my legs.

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Living With Teens: How to Survive It!

by Peggy Kumke

Do you have a teenager? If you have children you sooner or later will understand what it is like to live with them. Teens are so different from most people. They live in a different world. I know this because I have teenagers.

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