by Peggy Kumke

Anyway, life is good. I love my new me. I have really been working on improving who I am so that I can look in the mirror and be proud of me and who I am becoming. I no longer fix dinners. I relax after work in my recliner.

Family Attitudes
As a result of my decision to be me, we all have trimmed our bodies down and my family no longer sees me as a cook. They are learning to be self-sufficient in the kitchen. I am so proud of my family’s changing attitude. I am so proud to see them together in the kitchen at night scrambling around trying to find food and discussing who will use the frying pan first.

The only thing that still puzzles me is they don’t talk to me much. I have not figured that out, except maybe they are just busy in their own life like I am in mine.

It took time, but I am at the stage where I no longer am the laundromat. I have so much more time to meditate further in developing my new life style. I do two loads early Saturday morning. Then I have found that if I shop at the mall afterwards it relieves the tension caused by doing my laundry.

You see, I still have memories of being a laundromat. I have found in my meditation that if I get away after my laundry is done that I soon can deal with my memories. I read this book about this same situation and the book says it takes time to let go of the past and not to give up. I believe that because as time goes on I feel real good about my decision.

Family Togetherness
At the same time as I have been working on ME I have noticed that my family is spending more time together and talking so much more. They do their wash on the weekends together; they discuss who gets the machine first; they’re home almost all day every Saturday bonding by the washing machine.

The strange thing that I have not figured out is they look at me oddly when I leave for the mall. They don’t say ” Goodbye” or “Have Fun,” or anything.

I used to feel confused and hurt by their lack of emotions for my special Saturday, but I have learned through meditation, that they mean no harm by their lack of emotions toward me. They are just busy bonding as a group on Saturday. They just need their time.

Conclusion I’m continuing to be ME! I have never been happier. I have a lot more to change, but the work is well worth it. When I am happier I have found the world around me is beautiful.

My family is bonding with each other.

I hope that in time they will include me.