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How One Act Plays Killed the Theatre

I am not a fan of the One Act Play — even though I’ve written many of them — because I now realize just how ubiquitously they have killed the modern theatre by shaving expectation, shortening audience attention spans and by setting a low-budget watermark for producers and a little-to-none time commitment for directors and actors.  One Act Plays are a cheat against the human spirit, as the convenience of mindless television plotting replaces the tension of the live stage performance.

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Onward to Queens

On July 1st or August 1st of this year, depending on how things go, I will be moving into an apartment in a co-op building in the Kew Gardens area of Queens, G-d willing. It has been nearly a year since I moved back from Seattle and this is only the first apartment in which I am actually going to be not just temporarily dwelling.

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Famous, Rich and Beautiful Dig an Early Grave

If you are rich and pretty and famous you are tempting an early grave because a devotion to the surface, and not the core, leads to psychological dissension between the wanton self and the desirous of mind — according to a new University of Rochester study.  Perhaps marrying an ugly girl is, after all, the secret to carrying on a longer life.

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Red is the Answer

Yesterday, I asked you to identify the one Color of Life — and that single article made me think along many difference paths as I contemplated your answers.  At first, I thought the answer was Green; but I’ve come to believe the color of life is really: Red.

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As the holiday of Passover comes to a close, we prepare ourselves for the service of Yizkor, the four times a year service that is held to remember our departed loved ones. I am reminded of my late grandmothers, but at the same time I am reminded of those that are still living.

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