Best of Mechanized Morality

Mechanized Morality is my free, insider, newsletter — and a faithful reader of that missive suggested I compress all the Mechanized Morality newsletter updates from 2016-2017 into a “Best of” book — just as I did last month for Boles Blogs, Vol. 8 (2017) — and, my friend, so I have!

Please find “Mechanized Morality” — the eBook! — now available for purchase and download from Amazon Kindle Direct publishing!

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Esse Quam Videri: How to Live in the Fifty-Year Long View

My body lives in 2014. My mind belongs to 2064. Yes, it can be a difficult task to physically be in one place — while the rest of you, and your wishes and wants and intentions — are fifty years in the future, but that’s the disconnected task of living in a virtual world with an INTJ personality; to be, rather than to seem.

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Why, Howard?

Teacher, mentor, friend, and philosopher Howard Stein died two years ago today at the age of 90 — and I still miss him every day — and yet his death strangely seems so far in the past as to be unrecognizable. Because of all the surgical procedures he had at the end of his life, Howard would often refer to himself as the “Frankenstein Monster” held together with stitches and sealing wax.

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Always Living in High School: Ten Sentence Story #146

Jerald had an amazing life during the four years he was a high school student.

The years were so amazing that he spent most of his time in university, when he wasn’t attending classes, telling stories from when he was in high school.

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The Genesis of Wisdom

How do we become wise?  Is wisdom a gift, or is wisdom something practiced and acquired?  Does wisdom know any age?  Can a five-year-old child ever be wiser than someone who has lived 85 years?

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The Privileged Jerk: Ten Sentence Story #122

A man walked angrily along the city sidewalk and unleashed rage when he brought up a particularly wealthy individual and the perceived misdeeds of this individual.

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Ten Sixty-Nine

The Wild Heart
The Feeble Mind
The Rise of Starshine