A man walked angrily along the city sidewalk and unleashed rage when he brought up a particularly wealthy individual and the perceived misdeeds of this individual.

“This privileged jerk,” he started, “has got nothing but money and time to spend that money however he wants — and do you know how he decided to spend that money?”

The privileged jerk,” he then said, “had the nerve to donate two million dollars to the library and then insist that they name it after him.”

“The privileged jerk then traveled to the most remote African country, find an unfortunate widow and used his money to coerce the woman to give up her child for adoption.”

“The privileged jerk had a film crew with him the whole time and so now the privileged jerk is getting a reality show made about him.”

“The privileged jerk is only doing all this for the sake of the publicity he’s getting and the fame — he doesn’t care at all about helping anyone other than himself.”

The angry man spat onto the sidewalk as he walked and gave an indifferent look to a man sitting on a flattened cardboard box holding a sign with the words “ANYTHING HELPS” on it — he thought of throwing the dirty dollar bill from his back pocket at the man but coffee still wasn’t free no matter how he wished it were and he used spare change for matters like those.

The man with whom he was speaking took the pause in conversation as a good opportunity to respond to the man.

“While this privileged jerk was out doing these things for himself that also benefited others, what completely selfless things were you doing with your life — was it going to Italy on vacation or buying yourself that five thousand dollar suit?”

“Maybe you should reconsider who the privileged jerk really is — not the person who benefits when he helps others but rather the person who only cares to help himself!”


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