It is our delight to announce that the immediate availability of our yearly eBook volume of collected blog articles — Best of David Boles, Blogs: Vol. 8 (2017) — is now ready for download from the Amazon Kindle store!

By purchasing this year’s latest volume of Boles Blogs, you are helping support our ongoing publishing mandate across all our writing properties.

We pay for our own server and bandwidth out of pocket and we never charge anyone a cent to read our content online.

If, however, you’ve ever enjoyed something you’ve experienced here — or elsewhere! — please buy the book as a moment of your inspiration!


Here’s a blurp from the book:

You will learn the unfortunate language choices director Guillermo del Toro made in the construction of his ill-fated Fairy Tale: “The Shape of Water.” Do you know how to protect your cellular phone number from being stolen via SIM swapping? Read on, Macduff! As well, you’ll share in the harrowing story of Wikipedia deleting my page! What sort of permanent record of the internet allows other people to break the truth and bury facts? Plus, there’s a lot more waiting for the kindness of your eye and the resonance of your soul!

We thank you for your ongoing consideration and kindness in our never ending effort to win the world into a better place by using truth, and facts, to set the universe right!

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