Jerald had an amazing life during the four years he was a high school student.

The years were so amazing that he spent most of his time in university, when he wasn’t attending classes, telling stories from when he was in high school.

At first his university friends enjoyed the stories but they grew repetitive and they started wondering why he was living in the past.

Jerald graduated from university and took a job at a bank, working as a mortgage processor.

While he would meet with clients he would tell them some of the same stories of the things that he did when he was in high school.

At night he spent his time watching his favorite movies from high school and of course, trying to relive it by watching television shows like 90210.

It took a harsh conversation from his friend Roman to get him to stop talking about high school.

Roman reminded him that not everything that happened to him in high school was so golden and beautiful — he just was not paying any attention to the less than pleasant things from his high school years.

Jerald moved on and started paying more attention to what was going on around him and appreciating his life as he lived it, moment by moment, instead of constantly going back mentally in time to a place in his life that he had idealized and therefore was full of nothing but a false happiness.

Being freed from his past, Jerald was able to move forward and look to his future — it was just ahead of his present that he presently lived day by day.


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