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Thanks for Giving

With the festive holiday of Thanksgiving coming up, I thought that it would be only appropriate to give some long overdue thanks. Often in our lives we miss out on opportunities to give thanks and in other times we give thanks but we may not be entirely sincere in our tone or intent. A flippant “thank you” can sometimes be worse than saying nothing at all. I therefore wish to begin by writing that my intention here is simply to be thankful, with total sincerity. I would like to also write that this is but a small drop in the ocean of thanks that I have. If I were to write out thanks for all that I am thankful for, I would probably still be sitting here next week.

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A New Year Unlike Any Other

On January 1, 2002 I will be in the old part of Jerusalem, in the lovely land of Israel. This is just one of quite a few ways in which this will be a verily New year for me.

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Where We'll Live

by Greg Van Belle

No one expected it to last, least of all me. But I woke up next to Alison and it had been snowing for two days. The weight of it was more than we could bear.

That night I dreamt of rolling down grassy hillsides and stumbling dizzy back to the top for another ride. When I woke our houseboat was canted toward the sea, sinking under the pressure of the freshly fallen snow.

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