Learning How to Properly Applaud

One of the first thing I teach my theatre students is how to properly applaud.  I don’t mean when to applaud during a live performance — I mean I teach them how to bring their hands together to make a proper and appropriate sound.  Righteous applause should should have the tart sound of exploding gun powder and the retort of a shotgun.

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Jimmy Page Gets Loud

I was finally able to find some time to watch — “It Might Get Loud” — the “guitar documentary” starring Jack White, Jimmy Page and The Edge.  I bought the Blu-ray version and it was not worth the extra money.  The movie is grainy and not sharply defined.  When the boys are inside under proper lighting, the movie looks okay, but all the second and third unit shoots just look awful.

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Talking to Yourself

ME: Do you ever talk to yourself?

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