ME: Do you ever talk to yourself?

ME: All the time!

ME: Out loud?

ME: Sure, why not? We’re good company.

ME: Do people catch us?

ME: Sometimes. They know we know they do it, too, though.

ME: But they’d never admit it.

ME: Let’s find out!

ME: Okay, then. Do you or don’t you?


  1. I’m all over this and I do it all the time. I sing out loud. I rock myself to sleep at night.

  2. I do make good conversation, so yeah, I catch people hearing me talk instead of letting me know they in the room.

  3. I started talking to myself when I used to race bicycles. Since I spent about 3+ hours a day riding by myself I started to carry on conversations. Honestly I found it helpful in working out problems that were in my life. My wife catches me doing it all the time in the car now. I forget that she is there.

  4. I love it, curtis! Thanks for the honesty in what others may consider insane behavior! 😉
    I think it’s great you publicly kept yourself company aloud on your bike. What a fine way to gain perspective and insight into your being.
    I thought you were going to say during a ride you talked to yourself to psyche yourself up to win or to keep going — I’ve seen pro athletes do that on TV — but your general conversation with yourself is much more engaging!
    What does your wife do when she catches you? Does she interrupt? Wait until you’re finished? Join in the three-way discussion? :mrgreen:

  5. It’s curious. I wouldn’t even dream of talking to myself but sometimes, when I’m a bit on the lonely side – I can’t believe I’m going to admit this to the world – I let my two favourite bears have discussions about just about anything. So I suppose there’s that which is sort of like talking to myself – only it’s two different aspects of my personality which are talking between themselves. The two bears are not identical in nature, naturally.

  6. So… Gordon… do these bears get different voices?
    Are they talking to each other out loud or only in your head?
    And why do you think you aren’t talking to yourself when your two bears talk to each other?

  7. Oh they certainly have different voices – and it’s out loud. I’m not sure why I don’t consider it talking to myself when I realize that it’s exactly that. It just doesn’t feel like that because it’s like improvised theater but with one actor playing both roles. 🙂

  8. I have conversations in my head a lot of the time.
    The only time they get vocalised it is usually commentary ………… like stub foot on something and the observer in me will say “Stupid woman” out loud.
    My significant other and Have been known to talk to each other in our sleep – which is most odd – because we can only ever half remember it in the morning !

  9. Hi Nicola!
    Internal conversations are so interesting — I don’t think I have many of them, but maybe I do and I just don’t realize it. Does the voice in your head — we all have that internal “reader” — change when conversation begins?
    I love the sleep-talking! Now that’s fun! You should set up a recorder one night to learn what you really have to say to each other when no one is paying attention. 😀

  10. Being a Gemini – I think I have always had the two halves of me having a conversation – they are the same voice.
    As to the recorder that would mean I /we would have to get technical!

  11. She usually just sits there and then I realize that she caught me and feel a bit embarrassed. Really we have been married for enough years that she just accepts it as part of living with me.

  12. Hi Katha!
    I have yet to discover a person that admits to talking to themselves in the head without the conversation coming out of their mouth as well! 😉

  13. I do it all the time but I use my cell. I put it on vibrate and then just talk to myself. People who see me think I am actually talking to someone.
    Always make sure its on vibrate or a really low ringtone. Had an episode where I forgot to set it on vibrate and all I can say is it was not pretty.
    I was on the bus at the time and couldn’t escape the stares and questioning looks.

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