Old Cooter and Comcast DNS Hijacking

Yesterday, I was playing around with domain names and stumbled on — Old Cooter Dot Com — as a possibility for a fun new music site.  Now, before we get into the nuts and bolts of that technical experience, let’s be clear that “cooter” is a North American brown shell river turtle with yellow head banding. Mr. Slowsky, anyone?  The first thing I do when I want to see if a domain is taken or not, is type the name into my web browser.  If the site comes up dead, then you take the next step toward registration. Old Cooter was, indeed, dead — but it was given an unwanted, and disturbing, new life by Comcast.

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Talking to Yourself

ME: Do you ever talk to yourself?

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Paying Your Way Out of Doing Hard Time

The New York Times reported this week you can serve jail time in California via a “Pay to Stay Upgrade” if you have enough money and if your crime is relatively minor. Convicted drunk drivers are welcome. For $82.00 USD a day you can buy a private room in a “jail facility” with a regular door and the “right to bring an iPod or computer or cellphone:”

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Getting Up and Out

Do you remember the moment when you decided to get up and move away from your hometown and family?

What that decision voluntary or not?

What prodded you to make the move: College, marriage, military service or something else?

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Stop Sending Me Mail!

I get a lot of mail. I get tons of magazines each week. I get all kinds of offers in the mail. While my mail carrier manages a meek smile when he sees me, I know deep down he doesn’t appreciate me breaking his back with my popularity measured in the pounds of paper he has to lug over every day. 

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