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How We Met

by Greg Van Belle

He followed the stairs that curled down, around, and under themselves into a part of the building he had never seen. Depressed blue lockers lined the walls. Her office was two doors down, the only one open and occupied.

“I’m lost,” he admitted.

“I’ve been lost before,” she replied.

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Making Romance

by Malaika Booker-Wright

For some women, romance does not come naturally. Therefore, initiating a romantic evening with their husbands or lovers leaves these women feeling helpless. Let me give you some advice. Don’t try this more than once.

For this type of romantic evening, the very first (and most important) thing to do is save your money. Save about six hundred dollars. However, the more money you save, the better this evening will be.

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A Daughter's Love is a Terrible Thing to Waste

by Malaika Booker-Wright

I have half of this man’s genes. His blood runs through my veins. I have his nose. I have his lips. I have his hair. I have his “worry lines.” Yet, I only have a handful of memories involving him.

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The Tradition of I Love You

by Malaika Booker-Wright

It started out as a day that couples celebrated their love for each other. A loving card with pink roses on the cover, and tear-jerking words used to be enough.

A Flower So Fine
A dozen long stemmed red roses, soft to the touch and sweet to the scent, used to be enough. A box of dark chocolate candies that melts in your mouth used to be enough. A romantic candle-lit dinner with aromas of your favorite foods used to be enough. To simply say, “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you,” in your softest whisper, used to be enough.

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The Colors of Love

by Nancy McDaniel

I never realized before how much the sunrise is like the sweetest, most complete act of making love. But you have to be up early to see it from the very beginning to experience the whole, perfect joyous beauty of it.

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Life & Love in Silicon Valley

by Terry Gardiner

Living and working in Silicon Valley is a breathtaking experience! Anyone who has an interest in the high tech computer world or even the future of the techno universe must keep a close eye on the valley. It is a high stakes, high pressure, environment where people work smart, meet impossible deadlines and play very hard. Fortunes are won or lost here with the click of the NASDAQ stock ticker and even the lowest employee on the corporate totem pole, the one who sweeps the floor, can get a $50,000 Christmas bonus.

Rich man-Poor man
A typical clean room technician or printed circuit board assembler makes enough money to buy a mansion in middle America but can only afford to rent an apartment here in Silicon Valley. In fact, the rental prices are so high that I see in the paper today a 850 square foot cottage in Palo Alto renting for $2000 per month or a one bedroom apartment, in an undesirable area renting for $1250 per month. The reality is that many Silicon Valley workers drive to work each day from homes located 100 miles away. These commuter families even bring their young children up in the commuter lane; they see them for the 2 hour morning commute, drop them off at childcare, go to work, then pick the kids up for the 2 hour ride home. What a life!

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