by Malaika Booker-Wright

For some women, romance does not come naturally. Therefore, initiating a romantic evening with their husbands or lovers leaves these women feeling helpless. Let me give you some advice. Don’t try this more than once.

For this type of romantic evening, the very first (and most important) thing to do is save your money. Save about six hundred dollars. However, the more money you save, the better this evening will be.

Begin to plan your evening at least two to three months in advance. This will leave little room for error and you will not have to settle for a “no frills” romantic evening. Spread your planning across these months. Don’t try to jam all your planning into a few weeks. It will not work.

Set aside one complete day and night (24 full hours) during the spring or summer. Saturday into Sunday works best. Do whatever you must to clear this particular day; take time off from work or school, get someone to watch the kids, wash clothes another day, visit your mom next week. Then, choose a time to begin your romantic evening, allowing time for the set up. Eight o’clock is a good time.

A Date & Time
Once the date and time are chosen, create and send an enticing invitation to your husband or lover. State something like “You… Me… Alone together. My body is whispering ‘The sooner, the better.'” If you are unable to create an enticing invitation, go to a card store, such as Hallmark, and buy an invitation. In the invitation, state for him to get dressed up causally and wait to be picked up at his home or office. Do not give him any information as to the upcoming events of the evening. Make sure that the invitation states the exact date and time your evening will begin.

Next, enlist the help of a dependable close friend or relative that you trust. Make sure that they have a vehicle. Tell them that you will need their help on the day and night of and the day after your evening. This friend will run three small errands for you and set up your suite for your evening. Tell them that you will also be spending the day of the romantic evening at their home.

Now, get the Yellow Pages. This book will be very helpful. Search through the book for four-star hotels and resorts. Call as many as possible. Call all of them if you can. Get ready to take a lot of notes.

Ask each hotel and resort if they have a suite with a balcony overlooking beautiful scenery and a private Jacuzzi in the suite. Make sure that the Jacuzzi is not in the bathroom doubling as a bathtub, but a full sized Jacuzzi large enough for four people. Most four star hotels and resorts will allow you to sample their food, view their rooms and suites, and try to accommodate you in every way imaginable. However, ask each about these things anyway. Ask the price of a suite with all the above mentioned items for the date of your evening. Of the places that have all the above mentioned items, compare the prices. Based on the prices, choose the top three places that suit you.

Visit all three places. Note how long it takes to get to each place. Take notes on everything. Notice where everything is situated. Make sure that the view from the balcony in your suite is to your liking. Make sure the balcony is large enough to hold a dinner table for two. Make sure the suite has everything else you would expect it to have. Look over a menu. Sample the food. Pick a dish you and your mate will enjoy. However, keep away from heavy foods like steak. Fish is an ideal choice. Also, pick a champagne you and your mate will enjoy. Take as many detailed notes as you can about every element of the hotel or resort: the service, the outdoor scenery, the opinions of the guests.

After gathering all these notes, compare the information. Based on the comparison, choose the place you like best and reserve the suite of your choice for the date of your evening.

Now, get the Yellow Pages again. Search for places that rent limousines by the hour. Call as many as possible. Call all of them if you can. Again, get ready to take a lot of notes.

Ask each rental place if they have stretch limousines with a television, VCR, fully stocked bar, privacy divider, and tinted windows. Most limousine rental places will allow viewing of their cars before making a commitment to rent. However, ask about viewing them anyway. Ask for prices for a stretch limousine with all the above items for the date of your evening. Include the time that you will be renting the limousine. Remember that this time will be from the time you are picked up until the time you both are dropped off at the hotel or resort. Do the math. Also include your pick-up place (your friend or relative’s house) and drop-off place (the hotel or resort). Of the places that have all the above mentioned items, compare the prices. Based on the prices, choose the top three places that suit you.

Visit all three rental places. Remember that you need only to view the limousines that have the items above. View and take notes on the limousines: the interior, the exterior, the varieties. Take notes on the establishment: the cleanliness, the service, the opinions of other renters.

After gathering all these notes, compare the information. Based on the comparison, choose the rental place that you like best. Then, reserve the limousine of your choice for the date of your evening and the time you established earlier.

Next, begin shopping for the things you will need. If you need to, use your Yellow Pages.

The Shopping List
First, go to a wedding supply store, such as How Creative or An Affair to Remember. Come up with a phrase, such as “Tonight is the night I tell you ‘I love you'” or “Happy Anniversary” or “We’re having a baby,” to commemorate your evening. Order two champagne flukes to be made with your phrase and the date engraved on it. Add any other words and decorations you wish.

Second, go to a store that specializes in lingerie such as Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood. Buy the type of lingerie that your mate would never expect you to wear. For example, if you usually wear boxers and a tee-shirt to bed, buy something raunchy like a red leather thong with a half bra and garter belt. If you usually wear thongs and nothing else to bed, buy something innocent like a long, sheer white gown with matching bra and panty. Refer to this lingerie as “your surprise.” Also, buy another lingerie set. This one doesn’t have to be anything special, just new; something he has never seen. Make sure you have high heel shoes at home to match both outfits. If not, buy some at a large department store.

Third, go to a large department store, such as Macy’s or JCPenny’s. Buy some silk boxers for your mate to match “your surprise.” Make sure they are his size. Buy one set of satin sheets to match “your surprise” and to fit on the bed in your suite at the hotel or resort. Buy his and her matching bathrobes to match “your surprise.” Buy a bath pillow. If you do not have a trench coat at home, buy one. Remember, if you do not have the shoes, you can purchase them here.

Then, go to the perfume section. Walk around and smell the different scents. Choose one you have never worn before. Buy the perfume, lotion, and bath/shower gel of that fragrance.

Fourth, go to a store that specialized in candles, such as Candleshtick. Buy two large aroma candles of your choice. Buy six floating aroma candles of your choice. Make sure that the scents match. A fruit scent is the easiest to find and match.

Fifth, go to any store that sells bubble bath. Buy some bubble bath in the scent of the candles you bought. Fruit scents are usually found in stores like The Body Shop.

Sixth, go to a large video store, such as Blockbuster. Buy a video tape of animals procreating. There will be an explanation later.

Then, go to a large music store, such as Virgin Records or HMV. Buy a compact disk from the “Relax with…” series. These are recordings of sounds like a thundering rainstorm, crackling fire, and desert winds. Make sure you buy a CD that is not enhanced with music. Also, buy one cassette tape with soft, slow, love songs by various artists of your choice.

Next, make appointments for your hair and nails (including toenails) to be done professionally on the day of your romantic evening. Even if you like your nails natural, at least, get a manicure. You MUST get a pedicure.

A few days before your evening, make sure that everything you ordered, rented, and reserved is paid for. Pack overnight bags for you and your mate. If you do not have a portable radio with a CD player and tape deck, borrow or buy one. One can be bought at an electronic store such as The Wiz or Radio Shack.

The day of your romantic evening, go to your friend or relative’s home. Take everything you bought, plus the two pair of shoes, trench coat, and overnight bags with you. Have your friend or relative to go to a supermarket and buy a pound of grapes or chocolate covered strawberries [your choice]. Have him/her to go to a flower shop and buy twenty-one assorted colored roses. Have him/her go to a gift shop and buy a box big enough for your mate’s boxers and wrapping paper. Have him/her pick up the champagne glasses you ordered if you haven’t already. Have him/her come back to his/her home and leave one of the roses with you. Have him/her wrap the boxers. Have him/her pluck all the petals off of the twenty roses.

Help Getting the Details Right
Give the following instructions, along with the directions to the hotel or resort, to your friend or relative: Check me into the hotel (or resort). Find out what time is check- out time. Go to my suite. Fill the ice bucket with ice and put the grapes (or strawberries) on ice. Keep them on ice until we get there. Set up the table and chairs outside on the balcony. Ask room service for candles for that table if there aren’t any there. Take the sheets and blankets off the bed and put my satin sheets on it. Place his gift in the middle of the bed and sprinkle rose petals on and around it. Put the large aroma candles on each side of the bed. Put my lingerie in the bathroom, along with my shoes. Fold up our robes and put them by the Jacuzzi. Put the chilling grapes (or strawberries), bubble bath, and bath pillow by the Jacuzzi, too. Have a trail of rose petals leading from the front door to the Jacuzzi, from the Jacuzzi to the balcony, and from the balcony to the bed. Plug in the radio somewhere very close to the bed. Put the CD and the tape in the radio. Order (your chosen meal and champagne) from room service. Ask them not to deliver it until an hour after we arrive (limousine drop off time). Fifteen minutes before our arrival, fill the Jacuzzi with hot water and put the floating aroma candles in the water. Sprinkle a few rose petals in the water. Don’t turn the Jacuzzi on. Then, light all the candles, except the ones on the balcony, start the tape in the radio, and leave. Take all the garbage with you. Leave a nice romantic setting. Please come and pick us up at check-out time.

Have your friend or relative take the overnight bags, champagne glasses, rose petals, sheets, gapes or strawberries, bubble bath, robes, candles, bath pillow, wrapped boxers, CD, tape, radio, and “your surprise” with matching high heels, and go to the hotel or resort to follow your directions and instructions. Before he/she leaves, thank them over and over again for all their help.

Go to your hair and nail appointments. Then return to you friend or relative’s home.

When you are ready to continue physically preparing yourself, take a nice, long bath. Use the shower gel you bought as a bubble bath, as well as a secondary soap.

Think about and memorize the following plans for your evening while you are bathing: Take the limousine to pick up your mate. Have the video tape you bought playing in the VCR (This tape sends subliminal messages. It’s not really meant for you to sit and stare at). Have the rose and a drink in hand when he gets in the limousine. Have fun while driving to the hotel or resort. Answer no questions about the evening. If he asks any questions, just tell him to relax, trust you, and enjoy his evening. Once you get to your suite, slide into the Jacuzzi with your mate. Make sure you blow out the candles, turn the Jacuzzi on, and add some bubble bath to the water. Tell your mate to relax using the bath pillow. Give him a massage and feed him grapes. After an hour of fun in the Jacuzzi, tell your mate to open his present, put it and the robe on. Take your robe, excuse yourself to the bathroom, and put on “your surprise” and your robe. Go have dinner on the balcony with your mate. Room service should have delivered it while you were in the bathroom. Take in the scenery with your mate. Have pleasant conversation. Use you champagne glasses. Then after dinner, retire to the bed, turn the tape off and the CD on, and allow nature to take its course.

Now, after thinking about (and memorizing) your plans and taking a bath, get ready to leave. Use the perfume and lotion you bought. Using all three together makes the scent last all night. Put on the new lingerie set with matching high heels. Make yourself look exceptional.

Right before you leave to meet the limousine, call your mate on the phone. When he answers, tell him that you just wanted to hear his voice or you just wanted to say “I love you.” Don’t have a long conversation. Keep it very short and sweet. Remember to keep him in suspense.

Put on your trench coat. Grab the rose and VCR tape. Head for the limousine.

Once in the limousine, play the VCR tape and fix your mate a drink.

Finally, and most important, carry out the plans you memorized while you were taking a bath. Any feeling of helplessness disappears by the end of this evening. The ultimate romantic evening is guaranteed!