by Jim Clayton

I was drying tears from my eyes one minute… then yelling at the TV the next! I don’t know NBC Sports chose to have announcer Jim Gray ruin one of the most touching moments in Sports History when he interviewed Pete Rose after the Century Team event before today’s World Series game.

A Moment in History
Jim Gray took a really moving moment in sports history and ruined it…totally ruined it!!! NBC tried to get Pete Rose to admit to charges of gambling that may or may not have happened 10 years ago. Pete got a great response from the people at the game, we the FANS love Pete and feel he has more then paid his debt.

Jim Gray Talks
But this pea-brain Jim Gray and NBC Sports thought only about putting a feather in their greedy bastard cap… get the confession… they didn’t care that they were part of something VERY SPECIAL. I can’t believe the NBC network took part in his 3rd degree of Pete… and I hope they fire his dumb ass.

Money Walks
IT’S ALL ABOUT THE money ISN’T IT BOYS? The people pay your high ticket prices and listen to your self opinionated announcers babble on about what they think, while they talk so much they destroy the mood of the game!!! The FANS put up with all that, just waiting and hoping for a moment of history to savor and cherish.

Well the moment has passed and you can’t bring it back! But if you get rid of Jim Gray perhaps the CANCER will remit!!!