Steve Martin and that Banjo Twang

One of lost gems during the American Idol finale wasn’t just Adam Lambert’s unjustified loss; it was the mainstream media’s overlooking Steve Martin’s delightful performance of “Pretty Flowers” from his new musical masterpiece, “The Crow — New Songs for the Five String Banjo.”

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Dithering the Color Line with Violence

As we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day in the United States, MLKingwe are faced with the questions of antiquity that have bothered and constrained humankind: Do we still judge people by color?

Do we still prefer violence over getting along with each other and the world?

It is possible in any way to reclaim our tainted and lost humanity?

I wish those in the churches and the mosques and the community living rooms and the religious leaders would stand up to the politicians and say, “Don’t go to war in God’s name.

Don’t ask for our prayers to cover your bloodshed.

Don’t seek our religious protection for your unholy political wars.

Don’t ask for our faith votes in the polling place. Leave religion out of your killing fields.”

That kind of religious rebellion against the politicians would remove the brush cover from political fanatics who pretend they are doing God’s work in the fields of war by killing those who are of darker skin and lesser opportunity than those wielding the staff and the cross.

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Paved Plantations

There were a lot of tributes to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the last celebration of his birth but one of the finest programs on television was one that presented Dr. King on camera making speech after speech with no outside commentary. The beauty of the man and the mission in the frame of history was clearly and succinctly excited by the inspiration of his poetic forensic.

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