One of lost gems during the American Idol finale wasn’t just Adam Lambert’s unjustified loss; it was the mainstream media’s overlooking Steve Martin’s delightful performance of “Pretty Flowers” from his new musical masterpiece, “The Crow — New Songs for the Five String Banjo.”

Steve wrote all the songs on his album and, during American Idol, Megan Joy and Michael Sarver sang Pretty Flowers as best they could.  Megan cannot sing, but at least she tried not to screech.  You can see Steve’s woeful reaction to Michael messing up the lyrics in an image from the show below:

On the album, Dolly Parton and Vince Gill sing “Pretty Flowers” and the lovely and lilting tune brings back the good old days of summer swimming in the creek and lemonade parties on the sidewalk and stick baseball played on the corner sandlot.

Martin wrote and produced all the songs on his album and it is truly a bluegrass masterpiece.  Sales have been brisk.  “The Crow” reached number one on Amazon’s Top 100 list and the album hit the top spot on Billboard’s Bluegrass chart.

I encourage you to give “The Crow” a buy and a good hundred listenings.  Your ears, and your, heart will forever thank you for the good humor and good nature of Steve Martin’s ongoing talent.


  1. Thanks for the great recommendation! I will have to pick it up.

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