, Post.News and Pixelfed Are the New Social Media

I finally took steps to distance myself from three moldy, overdead, social media services. I deactivated my verified Facebook business page with 17,000 followers. I also deactivated my Instagram account. I made my verified, 47,000 follower, Twitter account, private. I let go of those social media services because all three have lost the common touch. They’re run by robots, mastered by intentional cruelty, subjected to bad human policy decisions, bothered by awful automation and, in one case, a sort of madman rules the nest. Today, none of those ideations of those social media services are what they were when they started, and I made the decision to no longer be a part of the “creative community”  that makes content for those services just so mega media can sell advertising off our hard work. Enough!

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Mastodon: The Hunter Review

There are many ways by which I discover new music. There are blogs, magazine reviews — but my absolute preferred way to discover new music is through the recommendations of my friends. For the most part the recommendations are spot on and I completely love the albums. Sometimes I don’t care for the music too much. In the case of the new album by Mastodon, Hunter, I am still not entirely sure about how I feel about the album despite listening to it a number of times.

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