There are many ways by which I discover new music. There are blogs, magazine reviews — but my absolute preferred way to discover new music is through the recommendations of my friends. For the most part the recommendations are spot on and I completely love the albums. Sometimes I don’t care for the music too much. In the case of the new album by Mastodon, Hunter, I am still not entirely sure about how I feel about the album despite listening to it a number of times.

Honestly, if it hadn’t been recommended by a friend of mine, I really doubt I would have listened to it all the way through. I am not generally a fan of heavy metal music and do not go out of my way to seek it.

When listening to this album the first time, I had a difficult time distinguishing one track from the next — perhaps because of the tone of the music or the singing style. There are some styles of heavy metal singing that are more pleasant to the ear than others — I have heard some singing that is quite confrontational — like the music of Blöödhag, which is difficult to understand because the lead singer wants people to read their lyrics.

Despite not being able to distinguish the tracks so well — I still have a hard time doing so — I actually found myself enjoying the album as a whole. I didn’t understand what the singer was singing in any of the songs and when I looked for them online, I wished that I hadn’t.

Splinters in my skin just like needles and pins
I cut through the pine, love the feeling it gives
But I’ll never die, running through these streets
I’m using my hands, cutting through the disease

Now that I know what the singer is singing, I wish that I didn’t know. I read through some of the lyrics and honestly don’t care for too many of them. At the same time I feel like I can move past it and continue to enjoy the album on the basis of the music alone. Having established that, I doubt that I would invest more time into other albums by Mastodon.


  1. Ouch! Just listened to some of this on Spotify, Gordon. Not my type of music. It does all sort of merge together in the ear from track to track. Zero melody. I’m grateful for the review and the new experience, though!

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