Abortion in the Dental Chair

There’s only one thing worse than sitting in a dental chair — numbed with Novocaine — waiting for your third root canal in three weeks to be uprooted, and that is having to listen to an anonymous, blowhard, dentist in another room proselytize, at the top of his lungs, all the reasons why abortion is medically unnecessary.

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The Arts and Alzheimer's

Can The Arts help Alzheimer’s patients find the center of average living?  Is it possible that imagination and abstraction can actually provide form and coherence for the fading mind?

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ER is Over

After 15 years and 122 Emmy nominations — ER, the Michael Crichton-inspired television series — is over.

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Amputation Via Texting

Could you do an amputation following instructions sent via text messaging?  Two surgeons did just that —  one was in the Congo — the other doctor was in London.

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Soap Operas and Public Health

We can learn a lot from television.  Sometimes the best teaching comes when presented in a dramatic form.  Soap Operas have been a stable of American television for fifty years and their very structure brings form to understanding.

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Emergency Call with sosASL.com

There is no substitution for being clearly understood in an emergency situation.  It is honoring that truth that led Janna and me to invent sosASL.com as a free online portal for urgent, living and dying, communication between first responders and the Deaf.

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