After 15 years and 122 Emmy nominations — ER, the Michael Crichton-inspired television series — is over.

What did ER win us over the last decade and a half?

Did we learn more about or morality or did we learn to recognize the ever-growing loss of humanity in us all?

Does ER leave behind a legacy like Marcus Welby, MD, Emergency or St. Elsewhere?

Or did ER build a whole new strain of the evening Soap Opera set in an emergency room?


  1. I’m a little sad at this news. Grays Anatomy is the new ER. I missed George when left and love now he’s back to say goodbye.

  2. I have tried watching Gray’s Anatomy and have seen one too many “Oh, come on…” moments, like when Sandra Oh got hit by an icicle. It seems like something that wouldn’t have happened on ER. ER certainly did inspire a new crop of medical drama and gave inspiration to existing dramas. I think Days of our Lives took some notes, for sure.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a full episode of Grays Anatomy, Gordon, but I know my Public Health students in the past loved the show and they were pretty much “over” ER five years or so ago. Even the “ER” in “ER” is outdated in current medical parlance. “ED” is preferred because it means “Emergency Department” rather just a single room.

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