Duffy Begs for Mercy

Finding a modern voice that connects us back to the roots of The Blues is a rarity — but Duffy is just such a talent — and the delight in her gravelly voice socks us right back into the brazen Blues.

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Paroled on Mercy and Faith

The other day I was watching a Parole Board Review show on television where we, as viewers, were taken inside a parole hearing for inmates at a New Jersey state prison.

As I sat there and watched the inmates interact with the parole board I wondered why the inmates weren’t more reverent and respectful to the men sitting in judgment of them.

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Mercy Killing or Murder?

Over the last 24 hours at least 20 comments have been submitted — many broke our Comments Policy and did not get published — for my four-month old article on the Katrina aftermath called When Drowning Is Not Good Enough.

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