Finding a modern voice that connects us back to the roots of The Blues is a rarity — but Duffy is just such a talent — and the delight in her gravelly voice socks us right back into the brazen Blues.

How is it possible to find such an old soul in such a young body?  Listen and find out. 

Here’s Duffy singing an acoustic version of her smash European hit, Mercy:

This is the official video for Mercy:

I like the acoustic version so much better. It’s less busy with jumble.

When young, light-eyed, blonde-haired White Girls like Duffy can sing The Blues — then we know The Blues will never fade and never be forgotten because The Blues now belong to all of us and it is our responsibility to celebrate and preserve the values of The Blues. 

We need more Duffys in the world of music because her raw talent and fantastic voice set the new standard for a necessary and reflexive melancholia in modern music.


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