The Canon D30, Digital Cameras, & Printing

by Mike Exner

Last week I picked up a new toy: The Canon D30 digital camera. I am having a lot of fun taking pictures. This camera is just awesome in what it can do and the quality of images is unreal. If you’re serious about taking pictures and have the means then this is the camera that I recommend.

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PayPal Doesn't Play

by Mike Exner

Here is a quick little horror story on using the PayPal guaranteed service.

On November 8th, 2000 I ordered a DVD player from E-Commerce Inc. who only accepted payment via the PayPal service. The PayPal service is “supposed” to be very careful about who they do business with and are also “supposed” to check out each business to make sure they are honest and reliable. They stress this in their sign-up forms and in their on-line documentation.

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An Open Letter to CellOne

by Mike Exner


I’d like to comment on your service, or to be more precise the lack of your service.

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