by Mike Exner


I’d like to comment on your service, or to be more precise the lack of your service.

As a 45 year old male making over $65,000 a year I do NOT want need or desire a credit card. Because of this your company has refused me your cellular service unless I give you a $1,000.00 deposit which I of course find extremely insulting.

I can think of NO reason why you would need this type of deposit for a phone service especially with the advancement in current technologies. I am paying for all the equipment and am required to sign a 1 year service agreement. The only possible loss you might injure is in my overuse of the phone for 1 month which I am still liable for.

True when you started a person could use a cell phone to excess and you had difficulties in turning off their accounts but as that is no longer an issue I can see no reason for this outrageous charge for the use of your service. With the technologies available today you can easily track customer usage and be warned well in advance of any customer that might be abusing the system. That however appears to be to advanced an idea for your company to grasp and as a result you instead rely on outdated billing and management policies. I was looking into dropping my Sprint service (3 phones) and replacing them with a CellOne contract.

Instead I will be convincing as many people as possible to drop your service and go with just about ANY other service.

Your insistence on my having in my possession a card that without a doubt is the most destructive item in the World today is very disheartening. You should be applauding people who disdain from using credit or any institution that puts thousands of people every year into debt, misery, hardship and despair.


From a VERY dissatisfied customer,

Mike Exner