Megan Wants a Murderer

The horrific murder story of Ryan Jenkins allegedly killing his girlfriend and then cutting off her fingers and pulling her teeth — is perhaps the beginning of the end of irresponsible reality television.

Ryan appeared on the awful “Megan Wants a Millionaire” show and then graduated, as reality television stars often do, to another reality show called “I Love Money 3” which — according to published reports — Jenkins won.

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Shunning Jerry Seinfeld and His Stolen Sycophant Wife

I have decided to shun Jerry Seinfeld and his stolen sycophant wife. He has a new bee movie coming out soon and I’m not going to see it because

I have come to believe Jerry is not a good person, he is morally corrupt, and he lacks a social understanding of ethical behavior in context. Jerry Seinfeld has become, for me, “the Barry Bonds of comedy” by denying the obvious to protect the ego. Here’s why.

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