The horrific murder story of Ryan Jenkins allegedly killing his girlfriend and then cutting off her fingers and pulling her teeth — is perhaps the beginning of the end of irresponsible reality television.

Ryan appeared on the awful “Megan Wants a Millionaire” show and then graduated, as reality television stars often do, to another reality show called “I Love Money 3” which — according to published reports — Jenkins won.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins appeared on “I Love Money” Season 3, just after marrying Jasmine Fiore last March. Ryan told several people who have spoken with us that he was the show’s winner, pulling in $250,000, though we have not confirmed this with the show.

Perhaps the only goodness to come out of this awful murder is the cancellation of “Megan Wants a Millionaire” and the unlikely notion that “I Love Money 3” will ever air in the light of day.

Ryan Jenkins was previously convicted of beating his girlfriend — yet he still was cast for the shows.

That’s a big problem for reality television because it hammers home the notion that what we’re seeing playing out before our eyes isn’t really real:  It’s all cake and shouting… until, of course, you lose your teeth and your fingers are chopped off.