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Religion and Psychiatry

If you have $200.00USD to spare, there’s a book you need to buy — “Religion and PsychiatryBeyond Boundaries” — and if you don’t have that much scratch, I’ll try to fill you in on a bit of what you’re missing.

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The Secret to Mind Control

I learned the secret of mind control from a colleague of mind at a major university on the East Coast of the United States. 
He used a form of this trick/Jedi Mind-Meld/Instant Hypnosis to get students to listen to him instead of just hearing him during lecture sessions.

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Fast Food Forgetfulness and the Poverty of Memory Loss

Eat a Big Mac.  Lose your mind.  Is there a link between eating fast food and Alzheimer’s?  Susanne Akterin, a researcher at the Karolinska Institutet’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, believes she has found the cause-and-effect for that behavioral disease.

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Welcome to Dramatic Medicine knows the ways The Arts can heal our minds and bodies.  We will look into the various memes and methods of medicine for revealing the secrets for all-body health through a higher aesthetic. 

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Mind Body Decay in Our Two Lifetimes

In a recent article — Medical Fakery and the Intentional Placebo Effect — I argued in the comments stream that our minds and our bodies are failing us faster even as medicine advances quicker than ever while we live our two lifetimes.

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Barack Buyology

Why do we buy things?  As the economy melts around us, many are re-evaluating their purchase decisions — but are we able to resist the impulse to buy — or is the need to gather things innately us?  Researcher Martin Lindstrom spent $7 million looking into the brains of 2,000 people with an fMRI machine to help him understand our impulse to buy one brand over another.

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What Will Be Won

Today is Election Day in America and — as we awaken from our long, national, somnambulismwe must remember the darkness that brought a heavy depression to our murmuring hearts and a blighted worldview to our unblinking eyes. 

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