We are all tethered to each other via pipes and wires — but every growing day detaches us from deeper connections with the outside world — and our mind-body dyad begins to melt in the soup of technology.

In a recent article I wrote on — “Miracle Myth Memes” — I wondered this in the comments stream:

I think communication will be “wirelessly mindless” in that bodies and hands won’t matter — from birth, we’ll just telepathically communicate with each other which then means we won’t need legs or arms to live and multiply.  We’ll just “think things” done and they will be done.

So the infirm elderly we see inactive, dead, and prone in bed are actually reflections from our young future.

We meet our ends through our present and that journey can be filled with hope and learning, or it can be dark and treacherous.

Technology is not a salve nor a savior — but it can more quickly condemn than coddle — and that is the hard lesson for us all in an expanding world:  We are always vulnerable and never in control and to fail to accept that decaying of our immortal tenacity is the start of building a community for the thousand-year reign instead of the 250-year moment.


  1. That’s lots to think about, David. I guess we won’t need our bodies in the future. Or will we have a future? Or just bits of DNA in a dish somewhere thinking for us?

  2. I think we’ll be living everlasting lives in a DNA dish, Anne. No offspring. Just a continued enhancement and propagation of what already exists.

  3. Won’t we get bored with just the extension of ourselves in life?

  4. Never, Katha! We’re too selfish to get bored with inward glances! SMILE!

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