Electroshock Therapy and My Amazon Kindle

I used to think my Amazon Kindle was a SuperStar!  Then the Kindle DX crashed my party, and I swore I’d never buy another Kindle — and I have not.  I read Kindle books on my iPhone and on my delightful iPad.  I like a bright, backlit, screen because I spend a lot of time in dark places like theatres and dank basements and editing rooms and recording bays — so the Kindle’s need for direct light in order to be read is a real problem for me — especially eyes age and the need for greater illumination grows.  I still use my Kindle to occasionally browse the sale rack on Amazon, and that means I have to infrequently recharge my Kindle.  The other day, when I plugged my Kindle in to the Amazon power source shown in the image below, I got a mild tingling in my fingers:  My Kindle electroshocked me!  My eyes rolled back into my head as I shook off the bite.

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Gibson Brite Wires Review

My D’Addario strings review is one of the most popular articles here on BolesBlues.com, so I decided to crack open my Anvil flightcase and share more of my guitar strings experiences with you.  Today, we’ll take a look at Gibson Brite Wires.  These strings are installed by default on all new Gibson Les Paul guitars.  When your Les Paul Standard is the guitar headstock shown on the Brite Wires packaging, you begin to get the idea that Gibson especially wants you to use these strings on that guitar.

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Semiotic Shoe on a Roof

As technology progresses, so too, must the criminal element.  In a previous article — Shoes on a Wire — we learned that in the urban core, shoes hanging on a wire can indicate the house below sells drugs.  As cities “urbanize” neighborhoods, and the “wire utilities” are taken underground instead of up in the air, the “Shoes on a Wire” semiotic is rendered memeingless.  The new semiotic for selling drugs, according the Vice Cops on Spike TVHD, is “a single shoe” tossed on a roof as exampled in the generic image below.

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Minds On a Wire Reflect a Young Future

We are all tethered to each other via pipes and wires — but every growing day detaches us from deeper connections with the outside world — and our mind-body dyad begins to melt in the soup of technology.

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Shoes on a Wire

In the urban core, especially Jersey City, if you’re looking to score drugs, you look up, not down, and when you see this hanging above you:

Shoes on a Wire

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