My D’Addario strings review is one of the most popular articles here on, so I decided to crack open my Anvil flightcase and share more of my guitar strings experiences with you.  Today, we’ll take a look at Gibson Brite Wires.  These strings are installed by default on all new Gibson Les Paul guitars.  When your Les Paul Standard is the guitar headstock shown on the Brite Wires packaging, you begin to get the idea that Gibson especially wants you to use these strings on that guitar.

Here’s the Brite Wires PR blurp from

Brite Wires are specially formulated to give your guitar a crisp attack, with the nickel plating adding warmth to the overall tone. These strings feature our Swedish steel “hex” core for added tuning stability. Brite Wires tune up fast, and hold their tone longer. No matter what style of music you play, you’ll hear why Brite Wires are the choice of professionals world-wide!

Says Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell, “I love my Brite Wires. They don’t break. They don’t rust. They never get out of tune. They have the perfect tone. Why change it if it’s working? I trust ’em that much….”

Yesterday, when I wrote my Blues guitar comparison between my Les Paul and Clapton Strat, I put a new set of Gibson Brites on my Les Paul and I had forgotten how fantastic those strings sound on that guitar.

I like a bright, sheer, clean tone from my guitars and so the cutting quality of the Brite Wires to punch through the air into your ear is important to me. 

The D’Addario 10s I was using on my Les Paul are a bit quieter and
slightly duller sounding and they are not as vicious as the Brite Wires
and all that means I have a new appreciation for the “brightness” in
the Brite Wires in direct comparison with the D’Addarios. 

The Gibson Brite Wires are staying on my Les Paul for now.  They have a
ringing sound, the strings stay in shape, and they are just as easy to
bend to the Blues as the D’Addario 10s.


  1. “Vacuum packed” means the strings are in an airtight package to prevent rust and exposure to the elements, Anne. It’s the newest thing in strings! D’Addario and Ernie Ball do a similar protective packaging, but the Gibson Brites are REALLY tightly vacuumed.

  2. These are great strings.. I have both brite wires and Vacuum packed brite wires, but the vacuums last 10x longer for some reason..

    1. Edwin —

      Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing! I wonder why all strings manufacturers don’t move to vacuum packing their strings? It can only make sure their product lasts longer on the shelves, too.

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