What is it with the new trend of ordinary women wearing crowns in everyday life?  We have a fake royalty explosion going on in the USA and we must work together to put a stop to it now!

For some reason more and more common women are donning crowns as an accessory.

Forgetting for a moment that wearing a crown — or a tiara! — as a fashion statement is just plain strange, let’s remember that these women then take it to the next daring level by requiring people to call them “Queen” or “Princess” or… I kid you not… “Your Majesty.”

How did this self-importance via self-crowning come to get a foothold in mainstream American culture?

Is this the punishment we all must pay for the ongoing perversion of child beauty pageants where everyone wins a trophy and a tiara just for showing up? 

I cannot wait for the day when every woman in the world is wearing a crown and proper names are disposed of and everyone is stuck in the rut of pretend royalty surrounded, not by a court of loyal handmaidens, but rather a courtier of queens instead.

Nobody will answer to anyone.  Orders will be given only for the satisfaction of speaking them without any expectation that anything will ever get done in the end.


  1. Sadly, yes. I’m glad that I haven’t (yet) seen any Queens. (I do, however, live in Queens — still none there of which I know!) ūüôā
    Child Beauty Pageants seem to multiply every year. It’s gross.

  2. Just wait, Gordon! You’ll start seeing those wearing crowns and tiaras start to pop up around you. It’s a strange phenomenon when you consider the history of the USA was founded in the breaking away from the idea of ruling by birthright.

  3. They need a billboard saying “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”…
    Seriously, wearing a crown in everyday life is just too much.

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