Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Name their Moron Twins

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon announced the names of their twins the other day, and the tasteless names perfectly match the obnoxiousness of their parents.  Wouldn’t you be a proud child to know your naked father manhandled your mother’s bare breasts in the pages of a public newspaper while you were still in utero?

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Doctor David Boles is Not in the Blog

I am not a doctor.  I never played one on TV.  I have never claimed to be a medical expert on anything important.

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How to Unring a Bell

Is it possible to “unring” a bell?
My first attorney in New York argued long ago it was not possible to “unring” a bell once it had been rung.
He explained to me how, in law school, he was taught the first thing you learn in open court is if your client “rings a bell” — that is, says something incriminating or stupid or wrong — you must not draw attention to it by “ringing” that bell again.

“Once the bell is rung,” he would say, “there’s no way to unring it, so ignore it and move along.”
Does “unringing a bell” have resonance beyond a Big Box O’ Justice to find reverberation in our ordinary lives?
If we say something wrong or make a big public mistake — do we apologize and make amends — or is it better to just “move along” without stopping to sound the gaffe again and then try to silently to fix the error with positive future action?
Can a bell be “unrung” or not?

Old Friend

by Mark A. Johnson

I remember when
you used my records as a scratching post.
Jimi Hendrix had gashes across his face
and holes in his guitar.
And you woke me at three that morning
to tell me you were cold,
and I let you under the covers, forgiven.

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Why Rite Aid is Wrong

[Note: This article was originally published in 1997 and I’m still hearing stories on precisely why Rite Aid is Wrong. It’s good to know after all this time the original article still rings true with the authenticity of experience. I have been told by someone claiming to be a Rite Aid pharmacist (who prefers to remain anonymous) that Rite Aid does not allow their pharmacists to edit the physician’s database to correct spelling errors and that pricing isn’t determined locally. I also have been told that Rite Aid owes some of its Managers and Pharmacists thousands of dollars in bonuses and back pay. If true, I don’t understand the reasoning or philosophy behind not paying employees in a timely manner, for it seems that cruel attitude against those who present your public face will have deep and scarring ramifications beyond any surface advertising campaign claiming the merits of caring. My email box is chock full of pain and distress from Rite Aid employees and consumers and I feel for each of you. This article is easily the most popular and highly read piece we’ve ever published in GO INSIDE Magazine and I thank you deeply for sharing your detailed and expert experiences.]

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